Saturday, February 11, 2012

Countdown to Love ~ Day 7

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Love Link 7 ~  Do What You Love


Create a list of all the things you enjoy doing together as a couple. Do you recall the list you created for yourself in Chapter 3? What are your commonly shared interests and hobbies? What are you both passionate about? You’ve probably noticed that when you are sharing these special times together, you feel amazingly good. That’s because your individual vibrations and your connection as partners is very high when you are doing what you both love.

To stay connected, engage in these activities on a regular basis. They form a very important bond between you and they nurture your partnership, so be sure to make time for them. When they are neglected because of inattention or busyness, you will certainly feel the effects—a low vibration or feelings of edginess with one another. Some days, staying connected does take special effort, and you will need to consciously choose things to do to elevate your vibration as a couple. 

Keep your list handy so you can refer to it later on if you have a relationship storm. This practice will help you come back together more quickly too!

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