Friday, February 10, 2012

Countdown to Love ~ Day 6

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Love Link 6 ~  Meditate Together


Sit side by side in meditation to raise your vibration together. This can be done in any number of ways:

Select and focus on an image together. Create a joint list of possible symbols, pictures, or memories you share that hold a high vibration for the two of you—activities you enjoy doing together, places you have been, and things, and qualities that are important to you. 

Choose a phrase or mantra that you repeat silently together. Some ideas are: “I am Love,” “We are Love,” “We are One,” and “I am peace,” etc.

Select your own personal image or mantra to focus on, for each of you may have unique formulas that raise your vibration. For example: one of you might be particularly drawn to nature images, the other to words or symbols.  

You can think of these mental getaways as mini-vacations you take with one another. If you keep going back to these “places” in your meditation time, you will continually nurture your relationship and restore connection if it has become distant. 

Meditating together can also enhance your creativity. It can deepen your ability to listen to your inner workings, as well as to listen more effectively to your partner. It can provide insights into lessons you are learning together, and offer tips and tools that you can use as a couple to stay connected or overcome difficulty. It opens you up to greater healing, both personally and as a couple. 

Of course, meditating is also another wonderful way to tap into the Oneness that you are. You can lose any sense of separateness when you join your energies in this way. What a beautiful way to spend quality time together!

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1 comment:

mermaid said...

I'm learning to define meditation more broadly, eating together, conversing mindfully. I wish my partner would meditate, but realize it is my journey to practice and bd open to his choices as well.