Sunday, February 12, 2012

Countdown to Love ~ Day 8

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Love Link 8 ~  Create Sacred Space

Do the two of you have a special place set aside where you can relate on a higher level? With all that can distract you or lower your vibration on a daily basis, an established sacred space can support your connection with one another. This can be a bedroom, den, or meditation room.

Examine the energy of this room and become aware of its ability to intensify or to erode your connection. Your bedroom may be the best place for this, so take the time to make it invitational and nurturing. Create a supportive atmosphere for lovemaking. Jointly choose items and furnishings that promote feelings of peace and love. Remove clutter, piles, and unwanted items and add elements of comfort through color, aromatherapy, candles, and music. Make this a special place for the two of you to go to remember your Oneness.

Maintaining this space is just as important as creating it. Jointly make your bed together. Keep it tidy and teeming with positive energy. (Clear out negative energy when needed, especially after a disagreement of any sort.) Keep it current by introducing new items (decor) of meaning to you both. These actions create a positive intention, which reminds you that the space you share is an important part of who you are together and that you desire to grow in intimacy.

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