Sunday, February 5, 2012

Counting Down to Love!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day 
and I’m counting down to Love.

10 posts, 10 days + 1 free book for you!

It's an offering of love to help you create the unconditionally loving relationships—the Big Love—you have always longed for.

Perfect Love. Perfect Love is the only kind of Love worth having and living for.

It’s the kind of Love that will truly change the world because with Perfect Love we have committed to loving others through our spiritual identity instead of through our personality or ego. Don't you think it's time?!

Would you like to join me in the Celebration?

Here’s the plan:

1. For the next 10 days I will post one life-changing, Love-enhancing  “Love Link.”

Each Love Link is a method, a practice, you can use to connect more deeply with another person so that unconditional Love can flourish.

These Love Links are found in the book I co-authored with my husband, Brad, in 2006: Perfect Love: How to Find Yours and Make It Last Forever.

Perfect Love is the tale of our journey of creating spiritual partnership: an intimate relationship based on living and loving through our essence, our “Spirit self,” and not the ego.

It is our “how to” book so you can create your own unconditionally loving relationships, too!

2. Receive a FREE downloadable copy of our book, Perfect Love, now.

This is our Valentine’s Day gift of Love to you—to anyone who would like a copy. No strings attached! 

The book you will receive is the very same book as the hardcover version that sells in bookstores for $19.95. It is 157 pages. You can read more about the book here. 

From our hearts to yours! May this Love flow out and create ripples of Love felt around the world, starting with you!

By filling out the request form below, you will receive your book, and you can get started creating your Perfect Love right away.

Let's begin our journey into Perfect Love, shall we?

Love Link 1 ~ Speak Spirit!
Communicate with one another using Spirit language, rather than the language of the Ego Broadcast. This is a big shift in communication style for any couple. Until now, you have probably been speaking as if you are the feelings you’re experiencing. “I am angry. I am jealous.” To begin to “speak Spirit” you must be vigilant about observing the ego’s messages and choosing not to speak them aloud or act upon them, especially to your partner. You can speak about the feelings: “I am experiencing some feelings of anger” or “My ego is sending messages of jealousy.” This is the language of Spirit. To speak those feelings as if they are you, is to speak your ego.

The effect of speaking to one another in this way is powerful. It allows you to separate yourself from the strong emotions that are trying to surface. It also does not make your partner wrong for having done something to cause a strong reaction in you. You are not pointing a finger at your partner or blaming him or her, which keeps the two of you in alignment.

Speaking about your ego enables you both to witness the ego and join efforts to resist its pull. You remain connected, jointly committed to observing any ego episode. In this way, you are true partners to one another, instead of adversaries.

Practice speaking Spirit together. The more you do it, the easier it will become. As a couple you can assist each other with this. You can point out how the ego may be trying to take over. You can gently say to one another, “Don’t forget. You have some choices. You have some tools.” Do so with love and compassion for one another.

Excerpted from from Perfect Love: How to Find Yours and Make It Last Forever by Brad and Jan Lundy. Heart to Heart Press. 2006. All Rights Reserved. 

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