Thursday, February 9, 2012

Countdown to Love ~ Day 5

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Love Link 5 ~  Show and Tell

Offer loving words and gestures to one another. As a couple you can form agreements about using loving communication as a part of your Foundation. For example, sarcasm is not a compassionate way to express one’s self to your Beloved. You can agree to speak with one another without that element present. You can also agree not to verbally attack, insult, or mock one another. These are very low-vibration communication qualities. 

It is perfectly acceptable to discuss these things as your relationship begins and set some intentions to speak lovingly. The way you talk to one another truly is a matter of choice. Egos attack, Love doesn’t. Egos yell and scream, Love doesn’t. Set the intention to follow the course set by Spirit and choose the loving response again and again. 

You will find that when your vibration is high, when you are operating as your Spirit self, speaking and acting lovingly is natural. You do not want to do it any other way. It is a manifestation of the true Love, joy, and compassion you’re feeling inside.

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