Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Countdown to Love ~ Day 10

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Love Link 10 ~ Be A Soft Place to Fall 


Your bond with one another will deepen the more you are able to check in with one another and tell the truth about what you are experiencing. Trust builds, knowing that you can confide your ego struggles with your partner and not be judged or ill regarded. Because you have agreed to be in relationship with each other as the Spirits you are, the receiving of your truth telling can be greeted with unconditional love and acceptance. You will begin to appreciate each other more and more and, in time, you will become for each other what has been called “a soft place to fall.”

To be your partner’s soft place is a sacred act of trust. It means that you can come to that person with any issue or feeling. It means that no matter what, you are fully present to each other. You are both open to all that will be revealed and your love does not dwindle because of this deep sharing. To have this at the core of your relationship may be the greatest and most healing gift of all.

Make sure that in the busyness of your days you take time to be each other’s soft place. Create opportunities to be available to one another. In a world that continues to challenge us emotionally in so many ways, it is crucial that we stay open and attentive to each other as much as possible.

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