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March Online Retreat

Note: If you are unable to join us on March 24 or 25 for the retreat, register anyway!

You will receive a complete "Retreat Kit" with all of the materials and mp3s for "Cultivating a Heart of Compassion" to do at your convenience. Easy! 

" ... I must try to be alone for part of each year, even a week or a few days; and for part of each day, even for an hour or a few minutes in order to keep my core, my center, my island-quality."
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea

Are you in need of rest and rejuvenation? 
Are you in need of "me time" to reconnect with your sacred center? 

If so, I invite to you consider my Annual Online Retreat. This year's theme is:

"Cultivating a Heart of Compassion"

It is a guided day "in" with women from around the globe ...

March 24 OR 25

You pick your day!

This one-of-a-kind at-home retreat is a time to step away from your busy life and spend precious time with you—to stop, rest, and restore yourself.

This is a guided "day in" —a gently paced day based on a theme with guided activities to support it. You will be informed how to prepare for it and provided with all the materials you need to create the perfect retreat for yourself. It is a day that will allow you to rest, yet also to learn and grow.

It is a special time for
"Cultivating YOUR Heart of Compassion."

We will be retreating at the same time together—in the privacy of our homes around the world—around this wonderful theme.

Women from all over the globe sending blessings of lovingkindness— all at the same time!

Just imagine!

What will we do on this retreat?

This "day in" will involve exercises of ease-filled meditation—we will be learning “Metta,” or Lovingkindness Meditation— and practicing in very short increments. No long, uncomfortable sittings!

The retreat is designed for those who are new to Metta practice, as well as seasoned meditators.

There will be an opening ritual, video, guided meditations and exercises (mp3s), articles to read, and a complete Schedule with suggested times for: rest, reading, reflecting, mindful walking and mindful eating, all around the theme of cultivating compassion—compassion for yourself, first and foremost—then for others.

The retreat is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You choose your day, Saturday OR Sunday. I will be retreating both days and holding sacred space for you. 

In the morning, you will be guided through how to create a "Metta Map," courtesy (and with permission) of my Metta teacher, Sylvia Boorstein. I teach Lovingkindness Meditation in the Vipassana style with her blessing and guidance.

We will learn to direct compassion toward and accept compassion from ourselves. We will also explore the roadblocks women often encounter in doing this practice. We will soften and open our hearts. We will refill our personal reservoirs of love so that we can effortlessly offer compassion to others.

In the traditional style of Metta, you will also earn and practice how to offer phrases of well-wishing (blessing, unconditional friendliness) to 6 categories of people:

Loved Ones and Friends
Neutral People (Strangers)
Difficult People
All Beings

Please know, however, that because this is a retreat—a special time to re-treat yourself—there are no shoulds or have to’s in terms of activities. I will make suggestions about how you can use your day kindly and wisely, but only do what feels right to you in that moment. Listen to your wise heart.

Group Call

On Sunday evening, March 25 at 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST, we will have a Group Conference Call with a Closing Ritual. I'll answer your questions and we'll share our retreat experiences. Fun!

Participation in the call is optional. If you wish to participate but can't, an mp3 recording of the call will be sent to you the next day. No worries!

Common Questions About an Online Retreat

Do I prepare for my retreat?

Yes! Everything you need to prepare for and engage in your retreat will be sent to you once you register, including my article, "How to Prepare for Your Retreat."

How will I know what to do on my retreat?

Your retreat “Schedule,” including readings and audio recordings, will be included in your "Retreat Kit," which will be sent to you 2-3 days before the retreat.

What if I have questions or need help?

You can contact me anytime by filling out this form. 

Now what?

Register by making payment below. The cost for the retreat is $18.00 

You'll receive a confirmation email with pre-retreat materials. 

Your Retreat Kit with Schedule, handouts, and audio recordings (mp3s) will be sent to you 2-3 days before the Retreat so you will be fully prepared.

I am honored you have chosen to spend this retreat time in spirit with all of the women around the world who have chosen to do the same.

In a sacred community of the heart, we will find ease and joy.

Blessings upon our retreat. May true compassion be ours!

With metta (loving-kindness),
Jan Lundy

Praise from previous participants:
It was brilliant! I could write volumes (I actually wrote about 10 journal pages) about the day. The retreat got me to re-realize that this is who I am. I want to do a retreat now on a regular basis as it's so important to me. I'm delighted that you offered this one and look forward to more in the future.

Thank you for so much for having this at home retreat. It couldn't have come at a better time. I feel so much at peace now and loved. Throughout the day I journaled, drew, meditated, walked, and surprised. I learned to let go, even though it is not easy.  Sending blessings out was another release and I felt love wrap her arms around me. This is an experience I will treasure and may take a day to relive it again. 

I am new to all this and I learned more in ONE day about my essence as a woman than I have in my entire life.  I have chronic illnesses and I have learned that I have to love MYSELF and show myself self-kindness.

I retreated both days and I am blessed by your wisdom and the way you wove the material together was beautiful. I feel my divine Spirit within and will treasure this day forever. Thank you for your creativity and wisdom to bring this retreat to me and other woman.

Love, Love, Loved my retreat day! 

I kept telling myself I didn't deserve a retreat because I didn't get enough housework done yesterday, but I did it anyway.  I am so glad I did. Thank you so much for your generosity in creating this retreat. I think it got me back on track again. It was an empowering feeling knowing that other women were doing the retreat at the same time.

My sister participated in the retreat (one state away) and we talked about it for an hour and a half afterwards. We each had a different intention going into the experience, explored it in our own way, and benefited greatly from it. What a wonderful way to "share" the day.

Thank you for coordinating the retreat and sharing the day with us in such a special way.  I thoroughly enjoyed the mp3 recordings and intend to listen to them throughout the coming weeks. I am excited to report that I had a great and productive day TODAY because of the retreat yesterday.

What sweet rest for body, mind and spirit. An inestimable gift for which I am so very grateful. This was a very worthwhile and enlightening way to spend my day. Thanks again for providing the resource materials and encouragement.

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Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot

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Joy said...

"Gift From the Sea" is one of my favorite books!
What a wonderful opportunity! I *love* it!