Monday, February 13, 2012

Countdown to Love ~ Day 9

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Love Link 9 ~  Check In with Each Other

Agree to take time daily to check in with each other and see how you’re feeling, noting the level of your vibration at that moment. First thing in the morning, at day’s end, or anytime you might notice your partner struggling with ego are ideal opportunities to connect with him or her. Checking in sends the strongest possible messages of love and support to your partner, messages of “I care about you,” and “I am here for you,” “We’re in this together.” This, maybe more than any other Love Link, will allow you to experience Perfect Love.

Using Spirit talk (Love Link 1), encourage your partner to share his or her thoughts and feelings. Remember, that by asking, you are opening yourself up to another growth experience; another opportunity to observe your Ego Operating System, to talk about what the broadcast is saying and how it’s making you feel. It invites you to be a true partner as well, to listen with an open heart and to hold a space for you both to learn and grow. 

Checking in also prevents toxic buildup in your relationship. The ego loves to hold onto hurts and disappointments and pile them one on top of another to create a huge tower of negative feelings. We call this “stacking.” It’s as if the ego is making a case for itself, gathering evidence to prove a point or right a perceived wrong. When you check in with each other on a daily basis, stacking is much less likely to happen. Mis-perceptions can be immediately examined so your connection remains strong.

You can also check in by asking yourselves “How are WE doing?” Take time to discuss impressions of how you are doing as a couple. Ask, “Are we connected?” If you’re not, refer back to any of the previous Love Links and get connected! This is a great opening for discussing anything that may have been neglected up until now. If you determine that your connection is thriving, honor your relationship and congratulate one another for the good work you are doing together.

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