Thursday, February 2, 2012

Come Back to Center

The pace of life being what it is, no wonder we get off center so easily.

Television, traffic, the demands of others, responsibilities, the never-ending "To Do List"—each one of these contributes to living in disharmony with our truest self. At least it can for me ...

Though life feels complex, it is amazingly simple to come back center; to drop back into feelings of peace and happiness right where we are. It's just remembering to do so.

Any of us can begin by setting a powerful intention to "come back" when we have gone away ... when we have drifted off, once again, into fields of worry, overwhelm, busyness. This intention, firmly held, can return us to fragrant meadows of joy.

What helps you come back to center?

For me, fragrance is one of the elements that brings me back. It is one of my "spiritual tools." ("Take a whiff, root yourself right here," it says.) And it is also embedded within my long-held intention that the sacredness of nature will somehow find me and bring me home to myself when I have wandered.

For the past few days, I have been enjoying the fragrance of a beautiful gift I received from a friend at Christmas time. She knows how much I love flowers and gardening and how much I miss my garden in the winter. She sent me a basket with bulbs that I could force and grow indoors in the white of winter. Red tulips have brought much joy and brightened my inner landscape.

But it is the hyacinths that have taken over now. They assail my senses whenever I walk through the room. They also invite me back to center. The scent is so strong, I cannot help but pause, take a breath and a whiff and allow delight to fill me once again.

Gratitude fills me too. Gratitude for beauty and the flowering of friendship. Each one a special gift of the Spirit.

To Cindy - thanks for the posies and the gift of presence. 


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(Photo courtesy of Dundee Photographics)

1 comment:

Cindy Hively said...

Oh my Jan, what a beautiful gift your words have brought me. The hyacinths are beautiful against their green petal backdrop. I know that you have taken very good care of them and as a result of your appreciation for nature, they are serving you well with joy during your snowy winter. Thank you so much for your happiness and joy in return.

After reading your message, my mindfulness bells started ringing. I stopped to take notice of how I felt at that very moment and then I mentally, mindfully went to remembering the process of all the joys along the way to choose and give you a gift that would continue to keep giving joy over and over.

A few examples were: thinking of the bright color of red for the passion you hold so close to your heart for helping others. The color white from the hyacinths seemed appropriate for pureness of heart as you have been so transparent with your life examples and how you process with so much self-compassion and non-judgement. Picking the Friday before Christmas to surprise you, brought me happiness because I knew it would be a surprise you would love and I remember most of the day imagining your face and what your thoughts would be.

This feels like reverse mindfulness, to be present with the past. Is that even possible to think of mindfulness in this way? I have never thought of this concept before. However, I can say, I was truly present with my thoughts in the very moment after reading "Come Back To Center." I am most grateful for you and your mentorship and when I learn something new. Mindfulness bells are ringing joyously today for both of us.

Much love,
Cindy H