Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Countdown to Love ~ Day 3

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Love Link 3 ~ Sit Higher Up in the Bleachers

Taking the time to view your relationship from a higher perspective can be very helpful in maintaining a strong connection. You can do this by sitting higher up in the bleachers.

Using the metaphor of a football game, imagine yourselves sitting in the first row, where all you can see are the players, bodies in uniforms crashing into one another. You’re not really sure what’s happening, as everything’s a blur of movement when you’re seated so near the activity. Move up higher in the bleachers and you can see the entire playing field. You can watch the maneuvers, the progress, the losses, and the victories. Your relationship is much like that football game. When you are so close to the action, it’s difficult to see what’s really going on.

It’s important that you keep in mind the bigger picture of your relationship, from a spiritual perspective. Doing so is a vibration-raising act in itself. When your vibration is high and you’re viewing your relationship through Spirit eyes, you can see your day-to-day interactions as the learnings they are. Take time to reflect upon how you are still getting caught up in certain ego broadcasts. It’s ideal to do this both alone and together. Look for the ego maneuvers and see how it invites you to be a player.

Take time to reflect upon how you’re growing as individuals. Note your progress as a couple. Ask yourselves how well you’re doing as Soul Sailors.

Being observers from as high up in the bleachers as you can go helps you see your “ego plays” and the fouls. Every time you stop and engage in this process, your vibration as a couple will rise. Your connection deepens. Applaud your growth and set new intentions to build upon what you’ve learned.

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