Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweet Surprises

I've been spending a good amount of time lately off the web and in my garden. It's summer in Michigan, a short season that is here and gone far too quickly.  It's good and wise for me to slow down and be fully present to these glorious days. My garden helps me do that.

If you are a gardener, you may enjoy this new blog series. The photos that accompany it are mine, taken this summer. As the article explains, I believe any garden has wonderful lessons to teach us. This June, I'm here to receive every blessing and happy to share them with you.

I'll be offering these reflections in installments—so you can savor the days right along with me. Enjoy!

Sweet Surprises and Life Lessons ...

... Found in the Garden

I’ve never fancied myself a gardener. In fact, I was never drawn to even explore it until I was forced to. I’d moved to a new home and inherited an enormous perennial garden from the owner. It was obvious Anne was a well-seasoned gardener as the beds overflowed with plantings galore, an area sixty feet long that had thrived under her tender care for over fifty years. She showed me how to cut it back and prepare it for spring (it was currently fall and blossom-less), and I haltingly did so, certain I did not have one smidgen of what it would take to manage a garden of this magnitude.

Once spring reared its lovely head, I cannot describe to you the transformation that took place in me regarding this garden. I fell in love with it and gardening. The garden was the first� thing I looked at in the morning, the last thing that occupied my thoughts at night. I was mesmerized by its beauty which naturally emerged without any involvement on my part. It welcomed me in, embraced me heart and soul, and became a haven where I could sit and read or journal for hours on end.

As I watched the garden grow and change with the seasons, it seemed to speak to me. Various flowers offered wisdom, sage lessons on life, and I began to write them down so I would not forget their whisperings when the seasons turned once again. I am delighted to share some of their lessons with you and hope they inspire you as they have me. 

Lilies of the Valley: Tiny white bells that tinkle soundlessly calling me to “Remember.” They circle the foundation of the house just as they did my grandmother’s. What a lovely surprise! I had no idea they were here. Their sweet smell reminds me of her warm welcome whenever I came to visit, inviting me in to her secret garden where magic and unconditional love awaited.

Lesson: Savor the memories. Take time to remember when things were simpler, more honest and true. Honor and give thanks for the cherished folks who were the source of special times, whose values helped you become the soulful person you are today.

(To be continued ... )

Feel free to share lessons you've received from your garden too! 
I always enjoy hearing from readers.

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