Monday, June 4, 2012

Got gumption?

Since watching the movie "The Holiday" I've fallen in love with this word. It takes me back to my childhood when I'd beg my mother to let me stay home from school to watch the 1:00 movie.
I lived vicariously through the glittering stars of early films--women with gumption--women with courage, verve, resolve, stick-to-it-ness. They were women who seemed to know who they were and lived proudly. Katherine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Susan Hayward, and more.
My gumption has grown over the years. It grew by leaps and bounds this past year when I made a very big promise to myself: I would not do anything that didn't bring me joy. It took gumption to make that promise because it meant I had to stop doing some things (which meant saying no to certain people and responsibilities) and making time (the key word is "making") for my creative passions.
I love to write, for one, but I had no time for personal writing or for creating the new books that beckon. (I literally have 5 started.) I am still tweaking a new "work" schedule so I have the time to do what brings me joy. It includes writing in the morning first thing; not taking phone calls or making appointments until after 1:00 p.m; taking weekends off for plenty of porch sitting and pondering.
I've taken on a new writing mentor--Ernest Hemingway--and he is modeling for me the discipline and passion it takes to be an accomplished writer. He had gumption.
(This photo is of me on my "seeking Ernest Hemingway Saturday" in Horton's Bay, MI, where E.H. spent his summers. I'm sitting on a bench outside the General Store. E.H sat here with his his first wife, Hadley ("The Paris Wife") to have this now famous picture taken. They were married right down the road. A little sign says, "Ernest Hemingway schlept here." :-)
Do you have gumption, gorgeous gal? 
Could you be primed to make a healthy new promise to yourself like I did? And what would that promise be?
I know there's a woman with verve inside of you and she's clambering to get out. There's no time to lose. Gather up your gumption and get going! I am here to support you all along the way.

Don't forget about this unique opportinity: my new 30-day program, "Writing for the Health of It." I confessed on Facebook today that I very selfishly created this course for myself. I was the one who needed time and space--even for 5 minutes a day:
  • to stay connected to my true self
  • to listen to my wise heart
  • to write for the pleasure of it, not because I have to
  • to get clear about things that puzzle me
  • to release things that no longer serve me
  • to launch my dreams!
    Yes, this is what my "Writing through the Heart" writing process can do and I'd love you to do it right along with me. We'll be self-discovery buddies. Sound fun?
    Consider joining me and 30+ fabulous women as we gather up our gumption and fly!
    The program begins June 1. Late sign-ups are welcome. 

    For those of you looking for a Getaway Weekend where you can write, walk, stroll in beauty, laugh, share, eat great food and connect with women like you, consider my summer retreat, "Writing as Spiritual Practice." June 22 - 24, Grand Rapids, MI. Dominican Center. I'm jazzed with joy about this and am eager to indulge in a weekend "in." Movie night with popcorn (think Rumi), a Sunday morning salon to share our writing, fireflies, music, and more!    

    Here's to gumption and the gifts it brings.
    And here's to yours!

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