Monday, March 12, 2012

Rededicating Yourself to Your "Self"

Did you make New Year's resolutions? Or set New Year's intentions?

I did and it's a good time for me to check in with myself to see how I'm doing.

Would you like to check in with yourself too?

If I'm transparent, my good intentions to focus on enhanced health (and fitness) did not launch with the intensity of New Year's fireworks. They fizzled instead.

Until—as always seems to be the case with me—a health challenge presented itself.

I wrote HERE about it in terms of having to give up my beloved coffee, laced with heavy cream. The old gallbladder starting moaning and groaning. Pain forced me to rededicate myself to my Self ... 

My Self—capital "S"—my highest, truest, best Self. My healthiest, calmest, clearest, most loving and generous self.  This is the Self that I most wish to live through. She knows what is good and wise and she does it.

No excuses. She launches her own fireworks and then sits back to enjoy the show.

This is where I find myself these days and I wanted to share a little victory with you AND find out if you are feeling victorious about your New Year's intentions.

OR if it's time for you to rededicate yourself to YOU too.

For the past month, I've been faithful to my low fat, gallbladder diet. It was not easy but day by day I felt better. Cutting out all that fat (mostly dairy) has helped me feel lighter, more energetic. I'm weighing in at 6 pounds less and thrilled because it really took no effort except to change my eating habits.

At first, I whined a bit because I was feeling deprived. No spicy foods, no creamy sauces, no melted cheese. That rules out many of my fave foods like Mexican, Italian, and Chinese dishes. I was beginning to focus on what I had NOT. Poor me ...

Now I am embracing what I DO have and what good fuel I AM putting into my body vessel. It feels great. Fireworks!

On to the trickier part of this new health regimen. Exercise. Honestly, I do not love exercise.

But yesterday, I began my spring walking routine; building up strength and stamina after a lethargic winter indoors. It was wonderful. I went fairly slow, didn't push myself. Didn't should myself. Told myself I'd walk only 10 minutes. It turned out to be 25.

I'm taking fitness steady and slow, just like the tortoise in Aesop's Fables. "Slowly does it every time," said the tortoise after he'd been announced as the unlikely winner of a race with the rabbit.

Slow is practical. Slow is lovingly kind. Slow builds stamina and creates lasting success.

So, friend, how are you doing embodying the best self you vowed you'd be in 2012? Are you doing so with practicality? Kindness? Wisdom?

What one thing could you do today to rededicate yourself to your Self so you feel better than ever about YOU?

Today, I'm vowing to take another walk even though it's drizzling. I haven't walked in the rain in a very long time. Slow and steady, steady and slow. I'll simply put on my "shell" and go.



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Cheryl Wright said...

My Total Gym and I renewed our friendship, which went sour at the end of 2011: Since mid-January we've been meerting evey morning (Mon - Fri) at 9.45 for a workout. The results are not phenomenal but significant and inspiring.

Jan Lundy said...

Hi Cheryl!
I am very glad to hear this. It's good to be friends in this way, yes? with what brings our bodies peace well-being. You are sure being faithful. Congrats!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

My favorite line from this: "Didn't should myself." Why do we inflict guilt upon ourselves? We do what we can, recommit if we need to, recalibrate as needed. I'm no fan of traditional exercise, either, but I do love to dance! My ankle still gives me problems so I haven't been dancing and I miss it so much. It's such a joyful feeling to dance and twirl, guided by your partner and just having a blast!