Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Take on the Breath

Welcome to this week's 3-minute video. I'm taking great delight in this new series, "Portable Peace." I hope you are finding the videos helpful.
I'm as passionate about peace today as when I dove headlong into this journey in 1994. I believe peace is possible for any us--if we know and USE the practices that will bring us feelings of peace.
Feelings, in time, turn into habits. Habits become lifestyle.  Choice by choice, we create an inner life for ourselves that flows with peace.
This week's practice is titled, "Oh, Sacred Breath," and it offers you a new way to create inner peace through your breath.
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And now, on with the show!
Today's  3-Minute Video 
Portable Peace: Oh, Sacred Breath

3 minute video  Watch Now
On March 24 OR 25 (you choose your date) I am offering a Metta Retreat--online! Come, learn, practice Metta with me: how to be unconditionally friendly to yourself and all beings through a profound and centuries old blessing practice. 
Metta is often called "Loving-kindness practice."
 If you're interesting in reading an article I wrote on Metta (loving-kindness practice), you can read the article here.
This is my primary form of meditation and it has brought me the greatest peace I have ever known. 
I guarantee Metta (and the retreat) will open your heart wider than it has ever been opened before! Learn more here.

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Laura said...

Inhaling love-exhaling compassion-inhaling compassion-exhaling love...may we all rest in just this moment, breath by breath by breath.

a beautiful teaching dear Jan. Thankyou!