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Buddha Chick™ ~ Registration is Open!

Drum-roll please!

It's the announcement we've been waiting for:

The official launch of Buddha Chick™, the online course, and all its juicy details, including price and how to sign up.

Many people believe that we are in the midst of the greatest spiritual awakening of all times. I’d like to believe that Buddha Chick and you and I are part of this grand awakening.

Every single one of is a “Buddha Chick™ ~ an interspiritual gal with a calm demeanor and a smile in her heart, able to navigate the challenges of life with grace and ease.  

I am a Buddha chick and you are too! We just don't believe it, nor have we been shown how to live this way.  

Will you let me show you how to embrace her, to live as her? To let go of fear, worry, and anxiety—once and for all!—and sail through life with greater ease? To greet life, no matter how it shows up, with a relaxed body, clear open mind, and a warm, loving heart?

And with joy! Let’s not forget about greeting life with joy.

And fun. Chicks do want to have fun! Spiritual growth does not have to be gut-wrenching.

It's time. Time for all of us to wake up, to live as our coolest, calmest, clearest, wisest selves. Are you ready?

Join me September 27 – December 5 for a unique opportunity to be the Chick you were born to be. Transform your thoughts, emotions, and make new life choices that will take you from stressed to serene!

And contribute to global awakening. Your choice to live as your Chickiest Self will allow others to do the same. Heart to heart we grow, heal, change the world ...

But hold the phone! Before you read the sweet details and how to sign-up, let me address a few questions that have come up about Buddha Chick™.

1. Is Buddha Chick™ or this course Buddhist?
It’s not. She’s not. Buddha Chick™ is any woman who desires to live as her essence (true nature), which is peace, love, confidence, courage, generosity and more. She is an interspiritual Chick who is open to the teachings of the world’s wisdom traditions. It's true that many of the perspectives and practices I share in the course are sourced in Eastern thought, for they are the ones that have transformed my life and brought me the greatest peace. I’m eager to share them with you!

2. What “work” is required in this course?
This is the "work of self," meaning, you are willing to take an open, honest look at how you currently operate in the world and you have a desire to change that. The one and only Buddha Chick™ rule is to be transparent. Ok, there are two rules. The other is to be kind to yourself. Really kind!

This work is also about “letting go”; shedding what you have been taught about how to react to life. It is about remembering your true nature and living from that divine place. I beg you to stop searching, stop looking outside of yourself for “the answers,” and drop down inside your Buddha Chick™ self. Everything you need to know
about how to live with ease and joy is there.

3. How is this course different from other online courses?
It is radically different because it is mentoring based. I will be your personal mentor all the way through the course. This is done in three ways: private e-mail contact, participation in our "Dharma Sisters" community, and through live tele-conferences.

In many online courses, the facilitator is not really present in the “forums,” or they stop in once a week to answer pre-selected questions. Or you may be told that you can send your questions to the facilitator, but it is not guaranteed they will be answered, or your question is answered by an assistant. Or you have to pay extra for personal “coaching.”

Not with Buddha Chick™! All the mentoring you will receive is included in the price of the course. “I’ve got your back,” as the saying goes. I am here, really here for you, for a full 10 weeks of transformation. (Read testimonials by those I’ve previously mentored here.)

I hope this addresses any of your concerns. Now on to the deliciousness. Another drum-roll please!

What you’ll get in the Buddha Chick™course:

• 10 written Lessons, one each Monday. 

Each Lesson will include exciting new content with a dual focus: how to create a new peace-filled mindset and the practical applications (exercises) for doing so. The Lessons will be sent to you via RSS Feed (e-mail) and also posted on our private Buddha Chick™ website.

Course Content includes how to:

-Create your personal foundation of unshakable peace
-Be mindful, the Buddha Chick™ way
-Work with difficult mind states
-Cultivate radical tenderness for yourself
-Meditate, even when you say you can’t
-Trust your body’s wisdom
-Tame wild emotions and quiet the ego
-Say goodbye to fear and anxiety
-Re-frame difficult people and circumstances
-Purify your heart through loving-kindness practice
-Grow a heart of compassion
-Live with equanimity (the ability to hold everything)
-Ride waves of joy ~ daily!
-Leave a trail of peace wherever you go

Each Lesson will also contain:

~ A “Peaceful Pause”: a practice for soothing the body, stilling the mind, or opening the heart

~ “Homework”—reflection/journaling questions. (You are invited to share your noticings in our sacred “Dharma Sisters” circle.)

~ An audio message to jump-start your week with inspiration and calm, including a Guided Meditation.

~ A Buddha Chick™ Affirmation Card, a printable reminder card featuring our Chick (designed by artist Mari Gayatri Stein) delivering a transformational truth or mantra. By the end of the course, you will have a complete deck of cards. How cool is that?!

• Private Mentoring
~ 5 personal mentoring sessions via e-mail, timed to your convenience and need, spaced throughout the course. This is the feature of Buddha Chick™ that will truly help bring about the changes you desire!

~ As I said earlier, you and I will interact personally in our private community and in tele-classes. You can ask questions and get answers.

~ Additional personal mentoring via phone, can be arranged, and at a special members' rate (45 minutes for $35).

• “Dharma Sisters” Sacred Circle
I am very excited about this. Our own community! This is our member only blog/forum where we will gather daily to share our learnings, support and interact with one another. Woo-hoo!

• Tele-Classes
~ 4 interactive, “live” tele-classes where we’ll discuss the Lessons. You can ask questions and get additional support. These will be held at varying times to ensure that our Dharma Sisters from different time zones around the world can have a “live” experience.

~ 5 podcasts with our Buddha Chick™ guest mentors: Daphne Rose Kingma (6 time guest on Oprah!), Sue Patton Thoele, Carolyn Hobbs, Mari Gayatri Stein, and Diana Lang. These are some of the coolest, wisest, women on the planet and we are so lucky to have them with us! Each will present on her area of expertise. (Read more about them here.)

• Free Book
You will be asked to read the opening chapters of a book I co-authored with my husband, Brad Lundy, Perfect Love. I will send this to you in PDF form via e-mail upon Registration. This will give you a running start toward developing an enlightened relationship with your ego.

• Upon “Graduation”…
You will receive a classy Buddha Chick T-shirt to go with your new lease on life. Yeah!

And “Dharma Sisters,” our online blog/forum, will remain open after the completion of the course. The supportive connections we have made can continue!

Now, If I had one of those long, brass horns that announced the arrival of something fabulous, I would be sounding it.

Da Da Da DA!!!

Course Fee and Payment Options

 Option 1 – Payment in Full – $265

 Option 2 – Installment Plan – $280, with 4 easy payments of $70 (4 x $70 = $280)

Option 3 – "Dharma Sisters" Plan – $250.
Register with a friend and pay only $250 per person. This is a great way to journey deeper with a close friend. It will also help build our community of Sisters!

Early Bird Special:
Register between Thursday Sept. 9 and Saturday Sept. 11, EST (US), and receive 1 FREE 30-minute, private Buddha Chick™ phone mentoring session with me. (By appointment.)

Accepted Forms of Payment – MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

I told you the price would be amazing!

Ok, let's Register. 

Step 1. Send me an e-mail telling me you wish to register. Include the good e-mail address you wish to have your Lessons sent to.
Click here to send.   (jan at awakened living dot com)
Please be sure to change your e-mail/spam settings to accept my e-mails.

Step 2. Choose the Payment Option that's right for you.

Option 1Payment in Full – $265
Be sure to include an e-mail address at PayPal checkout to receive a paid receipt.

Option 2Installment Plan – $280, with 4 easy payments of $70 (4 x $70 = $280) 
First payment will be made upon registration, then again on October 1, November 1, and December 1 using our secure payment system through PayPal.
Click here to set up your Installment Plan. 

Option 3"Dharma Sisters" Plan – $250
Register with a friend and pay only $250 per person!
To use this Plan you will have to e-mail me for instructions
Each Sister will need to e-mail me separately, including the name of her Sister to initiate the Plan.
E-mail me now to set up your Dharma Sister Plan. 

If you have any trouble registering, please call (231) 218-1996 from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm EST (US), 7 days a week. 

Refund PolicyCancel at any time and receive a full refund of your remaining (pre-paid) sessions. If you do need to cancel, you can keep all of the course materials you've received so far.

I really look forward to seeing you in class soon. 
What Chickie fun we will have!

Love and blessings,
Heart to Heart Press

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