Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Where I Sit ~ Creating Inner Space

I've been in Florida for two weeks now and I've had another big awakening.

Before we left, I thought I was pretty relaxed, centered, living with some degree of spaciousness. Though fairly busy from day-to-day, I did not feel out of sorts—at least most of the time. It has taken me arriving here to understand that there are degrees of spaciousness. I'm experiencing a new one ...

Spaciousness—I'll say it again. It's one of my favorite words in the English language. What does it mean?

To me, it speaks of having all kinds of room inside of me. It's a feeling that someone has opened all the doors and windows and warm tropic breezes are blowing through my mind and body. There is plenty of breathing space—Be-ing space—to allow what comes to come in, then move on to where it needs to go next.

That "someone" who opened the doors and windows was me—my truest self—achieved by making some new choices for myself.

I'm walking each day. 
Listening to the birds.
Sitting and watching nature unfold itself in early morning mists, mid-day sunshine, and cloud-striated sunsets.
Staying away from the computer (no TV, obviously)
Eating fresh, simply prepared foods.
Trips to the farmer's market.
Reading books from the library.
Keeping my eyes on water, whenever I can.
And an occasional drive to the ocean to walk the beach, gather shells, and ponder ...
As a result, my thinking is slowing down. There is a deeper stillness here than I've experienced in a long while ...

And because I am feeling more still and settled, a long awaited Guest has arrived. I was just biding my time ... waiting ... for it to show up and claim me. Who is this Guest? Not a he or a she, but a Spirit-led process—a slow and languorous form of writing that eventually becomes a real book.

I've been waiting two years for it to pay me a visit.

So this Guest and I are going to be spending the next two months together. It's a fairly private time so I'll be "undercover" so to speak. I have almost nothing on my calendar to crowd our days. There will be (by necessity) less "public writing" (blogging and visiting blogs) because time away from the computer is essential for us to maximize our time together. Long expanses of quiet and solitude are necessary to bring forth what wishes to be birthed. 

I'll be checking in here from time to time, as the spirit moves me, as time allows. I'll be "blogging without obligation." It's so important to honor this gentler rhythm of my days right now, so I hope you'll understand my absences. I'll pop in and give a progress report now and then, how's that?

In the meantime, I'll address comments as I can, and should you need to reach me, I'm still available. Just use the Contact form here. I'd love to hear from you.

One of my highest hopes is that each of us can walk through life fully honoring our truest selves. We do this by accessing our inner calm, which invites clarity and produces wisdom. It is vital that we listen, discern, and honor our inner rhythm—that we do what we are guided to do for our own well-being.

So today, as I write this post, sharing with you that I'm fully engaged in this process myself, I'm hoping that you will be too.

What is your spirit calling for?

Are you listening?

Are you able to answer this call and give yourself what you need to be calm, clear, and wise—to live as your truest self?

I pray that you will ...

May it be so. Amen.


What I'm listening to: "Inner Works" by Peter Kater

What I'm reading: First You Shave Your Head by Geri Larkin


Cheryl Wright said...
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Cheryl Wright said...

I awoke this morning feeling out-of-sorts, kind of BLAAAH, in no mood to rush to those daily chores and get them done before my granddaughter arrives. My mind told me, do them later when she is having her mid-morning nap. Yes. I'll try that today. I won't get as much as that accustomed-time on the computer but I'm good with that, today.

With time saved, I thought why not visit with you in this inspiring Room of Her Own.

What a soothing and affirming post.

These last few days I've been repeating similar thoughts because my daughter is taking vacation at the end of March. NO BABYSITTING - visits sure, daily visits, definitely, but no all-day sessions.

I'm so looking forward to that, so deserve it. Like I am anxious (in a calm sort of way) to meet with my muse for some writing, the likes of which I haven't seen in the last nine months.

My mind, my body and my heart are quietly screaming with anticipation.

For today though, I'm taking it slow and easy, savoring the freedom to switch things up a little in order to give myself some breathing space - inner space.

LoveCompanion said...

Dearest Jan, so much you shared here today is how I feel though everything is so silent over here lately and I'm seeking and trying to sit still to be with this Heart self. It's a new feeling to trust and honor that space entirely, I'm trying. I feel I've withdrawn and yet in other ways I'm emerging, its very unique and different and well not too many words for it actually. It feels good to know that you are walking a similar path --thank you for your friendship in my life and natural mentorship fo it has made such a difference! hugs, Jenn

Sharon said...

Jan, I heard in your voice, during the conference call last month, a longing for this time in Florida. I wondered what was in store for you and smiled as I read this post. I can "hear" the calm and purpose in your words. I have not left my house but I feel that something is calling to me, too. I have been afraid to listen too closely, but this week that has begun to change. I will miss your posts and comments, but I will check in regularly to see what you're up to. Blessings to you.

Jan said...

How wonderful to hear that you are listening to this voice of inner wisdom that is inviting you into some well-deserved "me" time...doing what you love (especially to write). Perhaps our Muses are confabing together. ;-)

You said it well. Sometimes we need to withdraw only to re-emerge strengthened, even made anew. I hope you will continue to give yourself the time and space you need to heal...May you find peace in these new feelings.

Jan said...

I appreciate your words. Perhaps I will not be as undercover as I think. :-) I know I will be absent during the day as that really is my writing time and it's best for me to not do other things (even blog) during this period of awaking and receptivity. And posting less often, at least for a while, does take the "shoulds" that tend to arise within me and puts them outside the door. I do my best writing when I have long expanses - days - with "nothing" to do. That's when the Muse emerges.

I hope that you, too, will honor what wants to be birthed in you.

Cheryl Wright said...

Maybe they are Jan. In fact I'm sure of it. Enjoy your time with yours.

Blessings to you.

Kel said...

enjoy the spaciousness Jan
it's one of my favourite words too
in fact a requirement for me to be my best
may your Guest and you enjoy a fruitful partnership

Jan said...

I am so glad and will greatly look forward to hearing about your inner adventures too!

I thought you might like this word as much as I. I just breathe easier even by saying it. May spaciousness rule your days as well...

One Woman's Journey said...

Jan, I smile as I read your entry.
My spirit called be back to my woods property. A smaller home, books, camera, some writing, walks and just sitting and looking at the woods and wildlife.
I am happy for you. Proud of you. This One Woman truly understands.
I only wish I were two souls. The other one would be in your location and walking the beach and eating fresh seafood.

Jan said...

Yes, it seems we have heard the same call. I am so glad you are enjoying the fruits of yours. After a quiet morning here, some writing done, now I will head outside and get some sun, listen to the birds (I have an egret friend who is here all day with me. I love watching her fish!)and "study" towards the new book.

And, yes, the seafood has been divine! The beach is still cold but warming daily. Feels good to put toes into the sand....

Laura Hegfield said...

Dearest Jan
May you continue to be aware of this spaciousness, opening more and more to the creative flow, to Divine wisdom, to blessing.

gentle steps,

Jan said...

Thank you for this beautiful blessing, Laura. I accept it. I, too, hope that I will. I will say that there is resistance, though, especially as the housing situation has hit some pretty big walls. Trust and surrender are definitely in order here. :-)

Good news is that "the book" is coming together.

Blessings to you too!