Thursday, July 23, 2009

About Jan Lundy

Few people are more passionate about the spiritual journey than Janice Lynne Lundy. Whether it is through her writing, public speaking and retreats, or spiritual mentoring, her dedication to understanding the spiritual quest is obvious. Her life is Spirit-driven, Spirit-filled.

Jan is a former educator in the area of religious studies, a nationally recognized speaker, and the author of Coming Home to Ourselves: A Woman's Journey to Wholeness and Awakening the Spirit Within—highly acclaimed books that encourage women to live deeply authentic lives. In 2006, with her husband, Brad Lundy, she co-authored Perfect Love: How to Find Yours and Make It Last Forever, a groundbreaking book on spiritual partnership. Her fourth book, Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be, was released in October of 2008 by Sorin Books.

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Described by her readers and audiences as "practical and poetic with deep and gentle wisdom," Jan has inspired tens of thousands of women around the nation to engage in "Awakened Living"— living with clear, open minds and wise, compassionate hearts.

Her speaking clients include churches, spirituality and retreat centers, corporations, universities, women's organizations, and healthcare systems, all of whom offer high praise for Jan's inspirational and openhearted speaking style, as well as her refreshing, peaceful presence.

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As a much sought after writer, she has had over 500 articles published in regional/national magazines and newspapers, both in print and on the internet. From 2000-2005, Jan was co-publisher and editor of Healing Garden: The Journal for Well-Being, Michigan's premier wellness magazine. For the past thirteen years, Jan has served as the Lifestyle Writer for Women's LifeStyle magazine, a franchised publication distributed throughout the U.S. Her inspirational columns touch the lives of over 175,000 women each month. She also writes quarterly columns for Women's OutLook (Gulf Coast Florida.)

She blogs regularly—here—at Awakened and is currently focusing on "Living a Life of Contentment" no matter what is happening in our lives.  

By her own admission, Jan is a "born and bred teacher," knowing from a very early age that teaching would be a primary focus in her life. She was a classroom teacher ("Comparative Religions") for ten years and has been guiding others in-person through programs and retreats and online since 1992.

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Her love of being with other people as they journey through life is enhanced through her work as an Interfaith Spiritual Director, with private practices in Grand Rapids and Traverse City. Jan also serves as Adjunct Staff for The Institute of Spirituality at the Dominican Center at Marywood in Grand Rapids, MI., leading women's workshops and retreats, and mentoring spiritual directors in training.

(Jan's speaks candidly about her spiritual growth journey here.

In 2010, Jan founded Buddha Chick™, an online, interspiritual learning community for women who are interested in accessing greater inner peace, clarity, and wisdom. She is the editor of "Buddha Chick Life," a monthly, online magazine dedicated to supporting women as they fully embrace their lives by practicing mindfulness, loving-kindness and self-compassion.

Jan remains committed to and passionate about supporting women who live with health challenges, especially women with chronic illness. She "lives well" with three chronic conditions herself and delights in sharing personal practices that can help all women who struggle with health to live with equanimity and peace of body/mind—living as well as possible with acceptance and joy.

Her first book, Coming Home to Ourselves, was written as a result of losing her health in 1994 due to chronic fatigue and creating a self-care program for herself that resulted in full recovery. Today she offers programs and writes about self-care and healing using mindfulness- and compassion-based practices. She is currently working on a new book on the subject: How to Be Fine When You're Not: A Guide to Living Well for Women with Health Challenges.

The proud mother of three children, four stepchildren, and five grandchildren, she lives along the peaceful shores of Lake Michigan.

"Believe, breathe and be well" is her life motto.

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