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Workshops and Retreats

Janice Lynne Lundy has specialized in interspiritual programs designed for women since 1994.

Program formats are flexible—a 2-3 hour workshop, one-half day event, day retreat, weekend retreat— depending on your needs.

Most programs involve large and small group interaction, personal reflection and Guided Meditation experiences. It is suggested that participants wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal to write in, and a mat or blanket to sit on for meditation/relaxation time.

Spiritual Growth Programs

Believe, Breathe and Be Well: Spiritual Health for Busy Women
As life seems to move more quickly than ever, caring for our spirit is crucial for total well-being. Together we’ll explore soul-refreshing practices for self-care, to nurture our body/mind, and to keep our spiritual connection strong when the pressure builds, even when there seems to be no time or energy to do so. You'll leave feeling refreshed and fortified for the busy days ahead!

Mindfulness Retreat: A Day of Peace and Beauty
A gentle “day away" with a focus on Mindfulness: a state of calm awareness of one's body, feelings, and surroundings. Mindfulness practices enable us to stay rooted in the present moment where inner peace prevails and the presence of the Sacred can be felt. We’ll explore techniques to help us slow down, access inner calm, and gain clarity to transform worry and fear into gratitude and joy—even on the most difficult of days. (Participants are encouraged to bring walking shoes and appropriate clothing for walking outside.)

Come Back to Your Center
Our "center" is the sacred space within us where all is well—body, mind, spirit working in harmony together. It is a place of deep peace, clarity and wise understanding. Living from this blest center invites us into deeper communion with the Divine so that we can live with greater ease and joy.

In this quiet, but not silent, retreat, we will explore what pulls us away from our center. We will introduce spiritual practices that enable us to stay "centered." Group interaction blended with personal reflection time, sacred rest, time spent in nature, and walking an indoor labyrinth will provide the backdrop for a truly restorative experience.

A Metta (Loving-kindness) Retreat
Metta is the Pali term for unconditional friendliness or loving-kindness, and is a form of blessing/meditation practice. It is sourced in Buddhist tradition, yet versions of it are found in many spiritual traditions, including Judaism and Celtic Christianity. It is an interspiritual practice that supports all theologies.

A "sitting" meditation/prayer form, Metta takes us through six levels of blessing: one's self, benefactors, loved ones, neutral others, difficult others, and, ultimately, all beings on Earth. The practice opens our hearts to our selves and others in profound ways: healing wounds, inviting joy, creating loving regard and compassion for all beings.

Rediscovering Your "Truest Self"
Your “truest self” is a woman who is naturally confident, peace-filled, and loving. She is a woman who embraces her unique, divine connection. A woman who has created deep and sustaining spiritual practices for herself; has grown from personal suffering; does not fear speaking her Truth; opens her heart to others and celebrates our Oneness. Join with like-minded women for an insightful day-away and connect more deeply with your truest self. Together, we’ll explore 12 Transformational Truths that can help us rediscover how to live in a sacred manner, and live as the “holy” and “whole” women we are meant to be. (Based upon Jan's book, Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be.)

Finding Inner Peace in a Turbulent World: A Restorative Retreat
If we truly desire to create a world of peace, love, and equity for all, we must begin by accessing our own inner peace. This is not an easy task, especially when the world around us feels chaotic, or we are faced with ongoing personal challenges. In this quiet, but not silent retreat, we will begin to access "the peace which passes all understanding, "a place of deep stillness and inner wisdom which resides in each of us, no matter how busy-minded or overwhelmed we may feel. We will learn to cultivate stillness through practices of self-soothing, present-centered awareness, and the art of loving kindness toward self and others. Group interaction blended with personal reflection time, sacred rest, and time spent in nature; provide the backdrop for a truly restorative weekend that will allow you to experience life thereafter with calmness and clarity.

Blessing Ourselves, Blessing One Another
A personal practice of self-blessing can lead us into greater healing and wholeness. A personal practice of blessing others—sending loving-kindness to loved ones and even difficult others—can transform our relationships and contribute to the healing of humankind. Together we'll explore various practices of blessing, powerful acts sourced in the world's wisdom traditions that can connect us with our truest selves and the divine essence of others.

Exploring a Woman-Friendly Spirituality
Do you long to experience a spirituality that affirms your truest self? Are you eager to know the feminine face of the Sacred? Join in for a soul stirring evening of connecting to the sacred feminine within all of us. Together we’ll explore the journey to a woman-friendly spirituality, as well as examine the lives of women saints an mystics who have gone before us, searching, as they have for a similar experience. Through music, poetry, prayer, and meditations, we will travel to places of awareness and comfort where the Feminine is honored and nurtured.

The Friendship of Women:
A Day Retreat for Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Friends
Women's relationships are rich and life sustaining, yet complex and complicated, ripe with opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. In fact, we best discover ourselves through being in relationship with other women. Friendships offers us a mirror to look at who we are and who we can be. Enjoy a very special day away with a friend or family member to better understand the sacrament of friendship, what its challenges can be, and how you can help yours blossom and grow.

Personal and Professional Growth Programs

Taking Care of Business and Me
In our day-to-day hectic lives, how do we give our best performance in the workplace when life itself may feel too demanding, even overwhelming? So much to do in such little time! In this workshop designed for busy professional women, learn simple, easy-to-use strategies to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself—at home and at work. With a shift in perspective and a new game plan, learn how you can combine grace with ease to take good care of your organization and YOU!

Stop Rushing and Start Living!

As our day-to-day lives become more frenzied and complex, many of us find we are not truly living our lives; instead our lives are living us. Here, you will learn strategies to create “real moments” in your life. Through releasing the past and not worrying about the future, we gain much more awareness and appreciation in our daily lives. Explore the concept of doing things "mindfully" with full and present attention, and participate in exercises using present-centered awareness. By mastering these techniques, one can greatly reduce stress and fully enjoy even the most hectic of days!

Writing to Wellness (Ideal for women with health issues, hospitals, and healthcare communities.)
A program designed to familiarize those on a healing journey with the process of journal writing, demonstrating how it can enhance and speed the journey to total health and well-being. Geared to assist those individuals faced with health challenges or living with chronic pain, stress or illness, this enlightening presentation will help participants begin a healing journey through writing, putting them in touch with their body, attitudes, and feelings about their health situation, as well as fears, hopes and dreams.

Contact Jan to discuss your speaking needs. jan (at) awakened living (dot) com

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A Sampling of Testimonials ...

Simply put—Jan’s workshops move people. Her gentle warmth creates a feeling of safety that envelops the participants, allowing them to open to their greatness. Regardless of the topic, Jan approaches each workshop as sacred time spent in community with the Divine.
~Jennifer Byron, True North Experiences

Jan Lundy is an experienced presenter and retreat guide. With a gentle spirit and a creative style Jan invites her listeners and readers into experiences that help them touch the Holy. Her insights are practical, spiritual and always well-received.
~Diane Zerfas OP, Program Director, Dominican Center

I came here with anxiety mixed with doubts. Now I feel great! The peace, inspiration, Jan's soft-spoken voice, her listening capacity, her guidance. I am very grateful for this experience. I found my peace, happiness, and inner-strength.
~S.J., College Professor

This experience far exceeded my expectations—the leader, the group that gathered, the activities, the sacred space that was created. I found rest, peace.
~M.T., Occupational Therapist

The space to breathe and be with myself was wonderful! Jan's depth and sincerity is remarkable.
~A.W., Clergy

Jan is so refreshing that I experience new insights every time I am in her presence. Bring her back often!
~L.S., Engineer