Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unplug. Can you?

Do you love all the new technology coming our way? Smart phones, texting, social media, email, paging, and more invite us to be connected to everyone who knows us--right now!
Sometimes this is great and oh, so necessary. Even fun! But at other times being "on" and available all the time wears us down. We may feel there is no private time or quiet space anymore. We have to answer every text or email right away; take every phone call or people will be upset with us--or we'll miss something really important. Hmmm ...
Our technology for the most part is wonderful, but it can also cause stress if we're not mindful about how we're using it. For myself, I've opted out of having a smart phone for now because I don't want to be so plugged in. I've learned what too much technology does to me: it gives me a huge buzz and not a good one. It winds me up like a top and I feel like I'm spinning from so much input.
If you're feeling at the mercy of technology, take a few moments to watch my new "Portable Peace" video (5 min.) on the power of "Unplugging" to restore your peace of mind. 

Good news! 20 smart and savvy women have chosen to join me for my new "Writing for the Health of It" summer program. Yes! I'm thinking of it as a summer camp experience for all of us.
Did you go to camp as a girl? I did, nearly every summer. One of my fondest memories is of lying on my stomach on my bunk each day and writing in a little diary. "Dear Diary, Today I ..." and then filling in the blank with an accounting of all the fun things I did. 
In this fabulously fun 30-day program, we're not going to learn how to write or to get healthy as the title might suggest. You will be invited to sit down and spend precious time with your self. And, in as little as 5-minutes a day, befriend yourself, get to know yourself, as you are now.
What's so easy about my process is that if you put a pen in your hand, grab a piece of paper, and answer my simple daily writing prompt, you will begin to feel better. You'll restore your emotional health and have fun doing it. You'll get to reminisce, explore, dream, and make new friends, just like at summer camp! 
If you've been feeling caught in the revolving door of life, going round and round, join me and a very cool group of women, beginning June 1 for 30 days of 5-minute pauses, self-exploration, and "around the campfire fun" on our private Facebook page. We'd love to have you! Learn more.

If you missed my new radio show, "Awakened Living" last week,
here is the direct link to listen to the recording:
Topic? "Stay Awake! How to Avoid Falling Back Asleep," by adopting 3 very important mindsets. The show is 25 min. long and can be downloaded to your mp3 player. 

Blessings of summer ease and joy to you, friends!
May you love and be happy each and every day of your life.

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