Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Wake-Up Call

It's an exciting day here in Awakened Living Land, friends.

I've been listening to my Wise Heart and following her guidance. Many of you may not know this about me. For many years I crisscrossed the nation as a speaker and presenter. From L.A. to Orlando to New Jersey I went, speaking about the subjects I loved.

One of these was something I called, "writing to wellness", and I offered it to health-care organizations. I taught how we can write and feel better—even transform our lives, our attitudes, our relationships, our health—all through the power of putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard).

And do it in 5 minutes or less each day! Yes, you heard me right. In just 5 minutes a day, you can be a happier, healthier, relaxed you with the help of wrting.

I'm delighted to finally be able to offer this course, "Writing for the Health of It" now— to women online! Might one of those women be you? 

"Writing for the Health of It" begins June 1. 

I'm offering a mind-blowing, heart-opening, FUN experience of writing—5 minutes each day—so you can open up to your Wise Self. I know she has a lot to say! 

In 30 days, with 5-minute writing, you could be a new woman! 

I was! Here's a short video of me telling my story of "writing to wellness."

You can learn all about this new and exciting, 30-day program HERE.

What a fun way to spend part of the summer. 
It's like summer camp for women! I hope you'll join me.


My other exciting news is that I've joined Wake-Up Lightworkers Radio. I was asked to host a new radio show for them and I agreed.

Subject matter? "Awakened Living," of course!

My show will premier on Tuesday, May 15 at 10:00 a.m. ET. I hope you will join me and listen in.

(Of course, the show will be archived for later listening.)

The link to my Awakened Living radio show is: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wakeuplightworkers/2012/05/15/awakened-living

Tuesday's show is: "Stay Awake! How to Avoid Falling Back Asleep."

You can read more about it by clicking on the link above.

Blessings to you this day,


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Cindy L said...

What a wonderful opportunity for your followers! I totally agree with all you said about writing as a way of healing. I teach a similar workshop (on a volunteer basis) to a breast cancer support group at Beaumont Hospital -- and it's so rewarding and therapeutic for everyone. We really do "own" our experiences when we write about them, and find it's easier to work through the tough times. Glad to see you doing all this wonderful work, but not surprised!