Monday, April 9, 2012

Are you walking through the world "in beauty"?

I'm delighting in the early signs of spring here in the Great North Country. Our spring always arrives a bit later than other parts of the country because we're situated on cool waters.

Last week the first daffodils popped up. The bright yellow forsythia that announces the hallmark of spring is in full bloom. The birds are frantically busy mating and nesting.

But if I'm not present to myself, lost in thought of "what's next," or moving too quickly, I may not notice these sweet offerings of nature. And, likely, I'm feeling more stressed than serene.

If I'm going a bit slower, paying attention to what's going on around me, spring is my lovely friend. Inner peace is mine.

Today's 3 minute Video for "Portable Peace" invites you to "Walk in Beauty."

I guide you through a 5-step process for how to Slow Down, Notice, Expand, Feel, and Choose.

May these simple steps for Walking in Beauty bring you bouquets of peace—all year long.

As always I welcome your thoughts.
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