Friday, March 23, 2012

Did you know, she's a monk?

Lovely friends,

I love getting to know people better. Do you?

And I love the fact that once conversation gets rolling, you often learn something quite surprising about that person.

My friend Joy, "Facets of Joy," interviewed me last week and she's just published our conversation.

Want to peek in?

I think you'll learn some novel things about me. Even though I am a "public" person, I am quite private when it comes to my personal life. But with Joy, it was easy to share some secrets.

Put on the kettle, come on over, and sit a while with us. We'd love to meet you too!

Read on here. 


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1 comment:

Carolynn said...

That was a lovely interview and so nice to see a little bit more of your essence. I especially liked your perspectives on peace and how we choose to move away from it. So true! I feel that I may be in that same place you were, needing to take a step back from "life", completely unplug and tap into my personal wellspring of peace, calm, and authenticity. The trick may be in finding a way to do this and still earn a living.

Blessings, my Friend.