Thursday, March 29, 2012

2 Techniques for Getting Calm - Now!

Dear Friends,
Have you welcomed yourself home lately? Home to the innate peace that resides in your core?
Have you accessed it? And are you able to on a regular basis?
Inner peace is a choice, actually a series of small choices we make throughout the day. It is up to us to stop (frequently!) and take "sacred pauses." These pauses, stacked one upon the other, do contribute to a day that is more peace-filled than stressful.
One of my favorite mantras to remind me of this is:
"Inner peace is mine, one choice at a time."
Say this to yourself. How does it feel? Perhaps you'd like to borrow my mantra and try it on for size. It helps.
Today I have 2 short videos for "Portable Peace." Each one demonstrates a powerful practice you can do--anytime anywhere--to root you more firmly in feelings of serenity. I do each of these practices regularly. They're fun and centering!

The first is on "Listening Meditation."
The second is on "Looking Meditation."
Instructions are given for each practice.
Watch Videos Here and Here
I'm also sharing 2 excellent, free e-books from 2 dear online friends. 
Joy Holland, "Facets of Joy," has created a powerful guide to "Cultivating Your Voice." If you have self-doubt, or have trouble speaking up; hesitate "living your truths," this book is for you. Download here.
Sheila Finkelstein, "Love with No Regrets," offers a soulful guide to deepening love with a partner. "55 Ways to Show Love." I was one of the lucky contributors. Download here.
Please feel free to share this VLOG with friends who'd like a dose of Portable Peace too! 
Be calm, be happy, be well. Life is short. There is no better choice.


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