Sunday, September 11, 2011

Counting Down to Contentment ~ Day 4

 Loving ourselves and life from where we are 

I’m counting down to contentment — to the starting date of my new sacred journey course,Creating a Life of Contentment,"  which begins Sept. 15. For one entire year we will travel together as intimate companions: to relax, let go and rest into Love; to discover the bliss of our own life. I hope you will join me! You can learn all about it here.

Deep Contentment

Today, a reflection on a favorite passage of mine:

“We have fallen into the place where everything is music.” ~ Rumi

Do you have a sense of what falling into a state of mind, of heart, where everything is music would be like?

When I try to consciously wrap my mind about what Rumi might mean by this I receive impressions of:

Being lifted up

And I have felt this when I’ve been listening to music ...

But I have a sense that Rumi intends a deeper meaning  here.

I imagine he alludes to a state of being where we find ourselves transcending time and space—a numinous experience, flowing with life just as it is. It may have nothing to do with music at all, but a metaphor for life lived in a sacred manner.

No resistance, no dissatisfaction, not wanting this moment to be other than as it presents itself.

It is a place we do fall into, as Rumi says. We cannot consciously create it. We cannot command it to be so by intention or willpower. All we can do is be fully present to receive it.

Though it is similar to the sensations we may experience when we listen to a symphony and its movements. We let go of conscious thought. We’re feeling the tempo wash through us—a river of notes— taking us inward or elsewhere. To the nowhere of now.

And as a result, we are satisfied. We may even feel connected to a deeper river of purpose and meaning and All That Is. A divine ebb and flow.

Deep Contentment is ours. 

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. 
I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.

Henry David Thoreau

Will you join me for the "Creating a Life of Contentment" course beginning soon? 4 days and counting to the sacred journey of a lifetime!


Coleen said...

Something else that comes up for me, from the Rumi quote, is the feelings experienced while performing music, especially in a large orchestra type group.

There's a sense of being a part of something that is almost magical, and much larger than oneself. Something so beautiful that it can't be put into words, yet conveys a deep meaning.

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Yes, Coleen, I think this is true and you put it very well. It is definitely being part of something larger (a 3rd energy, I often call it) than our small, limited-reality selves.