Saturday, September 10, 2011

Countdown to Contentment ~ Day 5

 Loving ourselves and life from where we are 

I’m counting down to contentment — to the starting date of my new sacred journey course,Creating a Life of Contentment,"  which begins Sept. 15. For one entire year we will travel together as intimate companions: to relax, let go and rest into Love; to discover the bliss of our own life. I hope you will join me! You can learn all about it here.

Sabbath: Simple Thoughts, Simple Joys

It's Saturday and Sabbath time for me.

Though, I am actually writing this on Friday evening. That way I can observe a 24 hour period of rest beginning on Saturday. It is a time of intentional en-Joy-ment and one that I hold dear.

Sabbath, I believe, is key to a life of Contentment.

Wayne Muller, the author of Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight In Our Busy Lives, describes Sabbath as being like the practice of refuge (in the Buddhist tradition). I love the notion of refuge.

Being safe, sheltered. A sanctuary, a haven. Just the thought of it causes the body to relax, the mind to let go, the spirit to ease into rest.

What do I do on my Saturday Sabbath?

My husband and I begin by going to the farmer's market. A smorgasbord of earthly delights! I take my grandmother's market basket with me and fill it up with fresh fruits, vegetables, Amish cheese and eggs. I think of her as I shop. She would be happy to know that I carry on this tradition. I inherited her frugality so I celebrate the fact that I can spend less than $20 and take home enough food to last a week.

Perhaps a few simple errands after that. We go up the peninsula to a little hilltop cafe overlooking two bays where we split a grilled sandwich.Veggie reuben, our favorite.

Then home to rest. Read. Write a few letters to friends or my daughter away at college. Lounge on the couch or take a nap. A dinner crafted with our market finds completes the day. A nightcap of movie watching and a big bowl of organic popcorn.

Did I mention watching the sunset? My eye is always on the lookout for a stellar sunset. Of late, they've appeared as layers of robin's egg blue, stacked onto striations of yellow, gold, and deep orange. At the tail end, firehouse red, giving the illusion that the hills are on fire. Magnificent!

So much to be grateful for. So many ways to "kiss the ground" as Rumi would say and give thanks for the bounty of life. Sabbath keeping allows me to appreciate the simplest of life's pleasures. It keeps me steady. Feeling safe, sheltered, content.

May Sabbath time be yours this weekend. May you take refuge and find delight in your own soul.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ 

The story is told of a South American tribe that went on a long march, day after day, when all of a sudden they would stop walking, sit down to rest for a while, and then make camp for a couple of days before going any farther. They explained that they needed the time of rest so that their souls could catch up with them.*

* From Sabbath by Wayne Muller
  Photo credit of our local market from here.

Will you join me for the "Creating a Life of Contentment" course beginning soon? 5 days and counting to the sacred journey of a lifetime!


Coleen said...

This article was really illuminating. I wouldn't have thought as going to a farmer's market, or running small errands, as Sabbath activities. I guess it all depends on the way you look at the activity, and what you do before and after and for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing!

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Yes, Coleen, these are things that are very restful and completely enjoyable to me. And when I said "running errands," it is not really running. For me, doing some simple fun things without rushing actually. Like going to the feed store to buy bird food. Pleasure! Or to our food co-op to pick up healthy food. No rush involved...Leisurely, for sure. All sensual pleasures...