Monday, April 25, 2011

Announcing My New Tele-Class Series on Spiritual Invitations

I believe there are no such things as spiritual lessons to learn—
         only spiritual invitations to embrace.

Lessons be gone! No more stumbling, no more getting it right so we won’t experience something again. Learning "spiritual lessons" in my view, is an outdated way of thinking.

In the new spiritual paradigm of which you and I are a part, life happens. And each time something does, we are offered a powerful “Invitation” to go within.

To uproot what no longer serves us and our truest selves. To heal, let go, and, most especially, embrace new ways of thinking and being in the world that can transform us—and everyone in our global community of awakening beings.

When we are able to accept the Spiritual Invitations that are offered, we make a powerful inner shift. We change our individual and collective lives—forever!

Think about it. Doesn’t “accepting an invitation” sound much better, feel better, than learning a lesson? A lesson may have negative connotations, implies it is going to be really difficult, even perilous.

Personally, I no longer think about “Lessons”—nor do I use word in my spiritual vocabulary.

Instead, I am excited about accepting “Invitations.” I love being invited to things, don’t you? There is an ease, a grace (even fun!) in that. Invitations are welcoming. They hold the spirit of aloha.

We are evolving beings, multi-dimensional—a unique blend of spirit and stardust, and it is time for each of us to embrace that holy fact.

Let us continue to welcome ourselves and one another H.O.M.E. (Heaven On Mother Earth)

I hope you will join me on this bold new journey!

Beginning May 4, 2011,
I will be launching an 8-month tele-class series
on Spiritual Invitations.

Each month will focus on one especially difficult mindset, emotion, or personal issue that can keep us stuck in pain or suffering, disconnected from our true self—separated from the peace and joy with which we are meant to, deserve to, live. Learn to accept the Invitation, and freedom is YOURS!

(You do not need to commit to or attend all classes. Pick and choose the topics that interest you.
You may register for each tele-class separately.)

Held the first Wednesday of every month, from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. EST, each tele-class will include: 

a content-rich presentation on the Invitation, offering insights on how to “change your mind” about the issue, along with concrete practices for transforming the issue in everyday life.

a guided meditation to help heal you the issue and lead you back into feelings of peace, joy, and love.

a live Q and A session with call participants.

I ask that you make a donation of any amount of your choosing in support of this tele-class.

 I am very excited to announce the topic of our first Invitation— 


A dis-order so prevalent that over 18 million Americans report they experience it regularly!

And, as you may know, I have personally journeyed with anxiety for over 20 years now—successfully!—and un-medicated.

I’m eager to share with you how I have embraced anxiety 
as a Spiritual Invitation 
and how it took me on a beautiful journey to inner peace.

Will you join me?

Wednesday, May 4 for
Session 1: The Spiritual Invitation of Anxiety

I’ll share "7 Powerful Secrets to Transform Anxiety." Get your notebook ready! 
Inner peace is on the horizon!

Upcoming Topics and Dates for 
The "Spiritual Invitations" Series:

Wednesday, June 1 (registration begins May 5)

Session 2: The Spiritual Invitation of Anger

Wednesday, July 6
Session 3: The Spiritual Invitation of Fear

Wednesday, August 3
Session 4: The Spiritual Invitation of Worry

Wednesday, September 7
Session 5: The Spiritual Invitation of Self-Doubt

Wednesday, October 5
Session 6: The Spiritual Invitation of Illness

Wednesday, November 2
Session 7: The Spiritual Invitation of Scarcity

Wednesday, December 7
Session 8: The Spiritual Invitation of Disappointment

Each tele-class is a separate powerful teaching in and of itself. You do not need to commit to or attend all classes to receive tremendous benefits.

I ask that you make a donation of any amount of your choosing in support of this tele-class.

Register today for the first tele-class, “Transforming Anxiety.”

I look forward to journeying with you in this way. Personal transformation is ours by accepting one Invitation at a time!

May you believe, breathe, and be well,

Jan Lundy

Questions? Email me:
support (at) buddhachick (dot) org

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