Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Following the Yellow Brick Road

As a young girl, I loved the story of Dorothy and her journey to Oz. The lyric, "Follow the yellow brick road," can easily pop into my mind just thinking about the film ...

I sense that Dorothy's journey is every woman's journey. We set out on a path through life, certain that the answer to what ails us is out there somewhere, even in the hands of a wise other. If we can just find him/her/it, we'll know how to live—to be truly happy.

The wonderful Wizard of Oz, as it turns out, was a phoney. He had no magic to turn Dorothy's life around, no cure to relieve her pain. But he did point her back in the direction of her own heart—to her inner knowing—home to her wise self.

Lately, I've been thinking that the Buddha Chick journey is a lot like the road to Oz. "Buddha Chick Training" course participants start out all enthused, suitably excited that they will find the answers they need to stop feeling stressed or overwhelmed by life. Almost as if the Course itself is a magic pill that will take it all away ... 

And what they learn in the very first Module is this: Within them resides every answer they'll ever need. That peace and happiness are already there, right beneath the surface, but no one has ever really showed them how to make these virtues shine. Or how to use powerful tools to excavate true peace and joy. Especially when life can be so difficult ... 

How in the world do you feel calm and collected when things feel like they might be falling apart?

How do you feel hopeful when you feel depressed? Confident when you struggle with anxiety? 

This is what Buddha Chick Training is all about. This course is not about going somewhere— to a Wizard who makes grand promises. It is about wearing the ruby slippers, the same slippers you've had on your feet the whole time but never knew how to use. Until today, that is!

I am very eager, over-the-top passionate, about showing you how to wear your dazzling slippers and using them to walk through life with more ease and grace, with a calm demeanor and a smile in your heart—especially when your life feels difficult!

I will faithfully companion you on your personal yellow brick road. Through one-on-one interaction and mentoring, I'll walk with you, show you your tools, remind you to use them when you forget, and, before you know it, you'll be skipping again. Life will look and feel completely different. I guarantee it!

Buddha Chick Training is now available for you to take as a Home Study course. 10 Modules, one action-packed Lesson mailed to you each week. Begin when you want and take as long as you need to work through each life-altering invitation. 

You and I will have email contact throughout, even some phone mentoring, and, together, we will breakthrough everything that holds you back from living as your calm, clear, wise self.

Don't you think it's time? To stop searching, struggling, and fall back in love with yourself and your life? 

Don't put off your personal peace any longer. Come home to yourself ... Please let me show you how. 

And we'll start walking together today. I promise you a powerful journey of awakening and I will be holding your hand all along the way ...

Blessings and all good things are coming to you, I can feel it!

With loving-kindness,

p.s. I'm pretty sure you are going to want to read some of the testimonials by women I've companioned through Buddha Chick Training. Like Mary Jo who said:

"I was finally able to see my own spirit/light within my eyes and to feel it deeply. This is the first time I've been able to experience this in my entire life."

Read more success stories here.

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