Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Metta Retreat Opportunity

Join me in a celebration of Loving-kindness and 
Autumn Joy!

October 22-24

"A Metta (Loving-kindness) Weekend Retreat"

7:00 p.m. Friday thru Noon on Sunday
Dominican Center, Grand Rapids, MI
Overnight accommodations and all meals provided.

"METTA" is the Pali term for "unconditional friendliness" or loving-kindness, and is a form of blessing/meditation practice. It is sourced in Buddhism, yet versions of it are found in many spiritual traditions, including Judaism and Celtic Christianity. It is an interspiritual practice that supports all theologies.

A “sitting” meditation/prayer form, Metta takes us through six levels of blessing: one's self, benefactors, loved ones, neutral others, difficult others, and, ultimately, all beings on Earth. It opens our hearts to our selves and others in profound ways; healing wounds, inviting joy, creating loving regard and compassion for all beings.

Retreat format: Presentations on each of the six levels of blessing, followed by short practice periods of sitting meditation. A mostly silent retreat, with a unique blend of solitude and community. Participants are encouraged to bring a cushion for sitting sessions. (Chairs will be provided for those who need them.)

Cost: $195.00. Saturday meals and Sunday, breakfast included. Private room, private bath, dormitory-style showers.

Facilitators: Jan Lundy will lead the weekend. She has been a “student” of Metta for many years under the supervision of Sylvia Boorstein. Optional gentle yoga session on Saturday provided by Susan Duesbery.

Meals and Accommodations: At beautiful Dominican Center in Grand Rapids, MI.
Chapel, meditation room, walking trails, garden, bookstore and more.
Holistic healing modalities available upon request for an additional fee.

Please specify any dietary needs. Dinner on Friday is on your own.

Registration: Call Dominican Center: (616) 454-1241 or online at www.dominicancenter.com.

A Welcome Packet will be sent one week before the retreat.

Airports: Grand Rapids (20 min.), Lansing, (60 min.), Muskegon (40 min.)

I look forward sitting in Presence with you, as well as cultivating loving presence for others.
Blessings of metta to you!


Buddha Chick™, my new 10-week online course to get calm, clear, and wise is officially launched. We have a full house and are journeying deeper into inner peace every day. This session runs through Dec. 5.

Read more about the course here.

And if you are interested in receiving updates on the next session, please contact me.

Here are some current comments from class participants, even only after 1 week!

"I find that I am more at peace at work. I stay calm in my hectic world and I was told today that I am very calming to sit next to. That made me feel good about me, which is really rare."

"As I let go of the gripping and holding on tightly to old habits and patterns, I'm beginning to feel the calm. The peace and ease I am recognizing as my life. Wow! I feel so invigorated!! My heart is smiling tonight!"

"I am more confident than ever, that you, Jan, and "your," "our," Buddha Chick™ course will guide me to "my truest self."

"I just wanted to say that I sincerely appreciate that you are offering this course, and at this price. I was so relieved when you announced how much it cost, because I didn't think I'd be able to afford it, with all that you were offering. It is such an amazing opportunity, and it came at just the right time for me."

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