Friday, December 18, 2009

Telling the Truth Brings Healing and JOY

"A basic truth is if you want respect you must first respect yourself. Then once you have done this you can authentically respect others."

~Suzanne Toro

If you have not stopped over to read my post featuring a very special guest at Awake is Good, please do so. You will absolutely not want to miss the empowering words of author, Suzanne Toro. Her new book, Bare Naked Bliss, is excellent and I was so pleased to interview her.

She's also giving away two copies of this powerful guide for healing, for living with unlimited possibilities. C'mon over and make a comment! Awake is Good.


twila said...

I like this quote. I have been noticing how very true this principle is. For years I prayed to have a greater compassion for others, but it didn't happen until I developed a true compassion for myself. As I've been becoming more patient, forgiving and loving of myself, these qualities just seem to naturally flow out to others without effort. Lovely. So simple. I'd heard this idea (love others as you love yourself), but it didn't sink in that it wasn't just that I SHOULD love myself and treat myself well, but that it was necessary for me to first give to myself what I longed to offer to others.

Ms. Toro expressed it so well...this basic truth that once you offer yourself respect (or patience, compassion, etc), you can then authentically relate to others this way.

blissdweller said...

Loved the interview, I encourge others to go see and read :-).

Nina P. said...

Yet another enlightened and inspiring... I think I'm going to say workshop as that is what it feels like... a place to listen, learn and participate in changes of the soul. Thank you. Love and Light, Nina P

Jan said...

I appreciate this sharing about yourself. This is a very big learning, indeed! And to "know" compassion (with the mind - i.e. "should") is one thing, embodying is another. What you say is true, when we actually begin to embrace self-compassion, our "other" compassion simply flows naturally from there. Wonderful!

Jan said...

Thank you for these kind words!

You know, Suzanne's book does feel very much like that. A real "course" on opening ourselves to all that we can be, beautifully blended with her life experiences.