Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanks and Blessings!

The Birthday Bash for Your Truest Self is officially over, though the journey through the Truths will continue through November. Just so much to talk about!  I thank you all for your kindness and support. I have loved getting to know you better and acknowledgeing each of our journeys into greater wholeness. Thank you for being here. Here's to another year of peace, joy, and inspiration. And bloggie love!

I'm handing out the final gifts for the party:

From Dudley Evenson, my guest of October 19:

Rebecca will receive Meditation Moment (CD) AND

Rose will receive Chakra Healing (CD). 

From me, from my post of October 26:

Caroline will receive a copy of Your Truest Self. 


Will each of you please contact me through the "Contact" tab and provide a snail mail address? (Especially Rebecca because I can't seem to track back to a blog...) 

(Cake image courtesy of Yum!)


Rose - The Center of My Self said...

I just said "OHHHHHH!" out loud - lol! Whee! I'm so excited, Jan. This just lifted me up and made my spirit dance a little jiggedy-jig. Thank you, Dudley! Thank you, Jan!

Caroline said...

Jan I am thrilled to receive this wonderful book! Thank you so much. I am enjoying this blog so much and look forward to the journey you are leading.

Jan said...

You are both so very welcome! I hope that each of you will enjoy your well-deserved gifts. Caroline and Rose, I admire how each of you journeys with such passion as your truest selves. Kudos again!

Rebecca said...

Jan, I hope you got my e-mail message through the "Contact Tab" yesterday. I was so excited I forgot to leave a comment here to share with everyone. My reaction was so animated my husband couldn't stop smiling (at me or with me I'm not quite sure). Thank you, thank you!
Hugs, Rebecca

Jan said...

Hi Rebecca,
No, I didn't get it. Hmmmm....I will test out the form and make sure it is working. Just send me an email at, ok? I will send your info on to Dudley. I am so happy you are happy! Enjoy!

Jan said...

Rebecca, I hope you read this. My email is wacky. Please respond to for the CD, OK?
Sheesh...trying to get it fixed. :-) Sorry for the inconvenience.