Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gratitude for Kindred Spirits

Today, my heart is full of gratitude for each of you, for being here with me, day after day, in this sacred space. I appreciate the gift of your friendship. And I marvel at the faithfulness you show toward your spiritual journey. You inspire me!

Today, a poem of appreciation for you ...

"You are a kindred spirit!
Your faithfulness and honesty call forth the best in me. 

When I am with you it is easy to laugh
and to dream 
my soul comes to life.

Because of you circles of friendship are widened
and gratitude wells up within me.
Your tears are important and touch the deepest part of me. 

Your smile makes my heart dance 
and being with you is being home.
The gift of your friendship blesses me and blesses the world.*"

No matter where you live or what spiritual path you embrace, may you experience the sacred within and without, every day of the year.

*From a greeting card crafted by the Sisters of St. Joseph of LaGrange, Il. who "encourage and affirm creativity in ourselves and all persons. Our mission of unity brings us closer in our time to a deeper awareness of our communion with God and all creation." www.ministryofthearts.org

Image courtesy of womenoftheredtent.com


Julie G said...

Your friendship and teachings have been MY awakening. In this Fall of my life I can feel myself changing color, dying, and surrendering to the wind (Spirit). This is a great time for discernment for me. I sit in silence and listen for guidance for the new journey to come.
Thank you for your guidance, your love and the peace you have shown by your example.
"The gift of YOUR friendship blesses me" and together we are all blessing the world.
Sending Love, Julie

Carolynn said...

The feelings mutual, my Friend.

My word verification is "unslyth". Sounds like a word Lewis Carroll would love. I may just use it in a sentence today. :o))

Anonymous said...

Blessings To You Dear Jan :)

Jan said...

And what a wonderful awakening you have had. If I have played even a small part in that, I am glad. Though I do think that Spirit is the one who has had all the fun — and to whom credit is due. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nooo, thank you. I believe we have a mutual admiration society going here! :-)

Always nice to have your sweet energy in this place. Blessings!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful network we all work to create. Jan, thank you for this space to be who we are.

mermaid said...

What a lovely sentiment. A year ago I could not have shared this, but now, with live and cyberspace spiritual friends, I too am grateful.

Thank you, Jan.

shiny mamaof6 said...

Thank you, dear Jan, for bringing this community of kindred spirits together. I have learned so much about the beauty in living in the Spirit through you and the many beautiful spirits who gather here. Thank you.

Sharmila said...

Jan, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! ;) It is so appropriate for Thanksgiving! I am getting ready to share some refreshing connecting time with one of my best friends and her daughter (a niece to me!) I couldn't be happier! Blessings to you, my dear friend! I look forward to connecting again after my sabbatical. This is my last response for a bit.. ;) and I am honored to put it here ;) You enrich my life in sharing your wisdom, gifts and writings! much luv!!! enjoy the magic of the season, Jan! hugs ~Jen

Jan said...

Your words resonate deeply— a space to be who we are. So important, isn't it? My greatest growth in life has been within circles of women where acceptance flows. Glad you are here!

Well, if that is the case I am certainly celebrating your growth of the past year. That's wonderful! Gratitude does grow within us when we let down and let go and are more "well" with what is...So glad this is where you find yourself these days. Your friendship is a treasure.

Love your words: the beauty of living in the Spirit. Glad you find that here and wherever you roam these days. (Especially in your home :-)

We will await your return in 30 days and hopefully you will be refreshed and shiny bright. Kudos to you for taking time off for YOU. I was very privileged one time, years ago, to do so for an entire year. Nothing in that year but self-care, spirit-care, reclaiming myself. It was truly life-changing. Blessings for your journey!

Joy said...

How absolutely beautiful! And heart warming.
Thank you for your encouragement, inspiration, wisdom...all of which has helped me to grow and cross the thresholds that I recently have. It's been absolutely amazing!

Jan said...

You are most welcome. I continue to admire your resilience and courage and passion for your journey. You are a very special woman...Spirit flows strongly through you. Happy holidays!

One Woman's Journey said...

Jan, I am so happy I found this circle of women who share my beliefs and thoughts. Thank you for your encouragment. Blessings to you this late afternoon.

Lisa @sacred circle said...

YOU inspire ME so much Jan! Many hugs...

Jan said...

One Woman,
So blessed we are and thankful that you, too, are a part of our circle here. Holiday blessings to you!

The feeling is very mutual. I love your creations. They inspire....

Blessings for a lovely Thanksgiving to all the American readers here. May peace prevail...

Angela Recada said...

How beautiful!

I know my life and soul has been enriched since I found you and your blogs, dear Jan.

Blessing to you, my friend.


Life Potentials Network said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jan to you and your family! Many kindred spirits are gathering today and I am remembering especially a group of women I was with 10-12 years ago. We called our little group Kindred Spirits, we met on Thursday mornings, and we did all kinds of things together in a little room with lots of light, from art projects with a spiritual theme to study about spiritual things to meditations, spiritual explorations etc. I grew more spiritually those few years than ever before. Kindred spirits do find one another, either in person or on blogs such as this one. You are such a blessing to so many. I give thanks for you...xo

Laura Hegfield said...

thank you Jan...as you bless, so you are blessed.


Jan said...

As mine as for yours, my heart-centered friend. Your creativity fuels my own fire...

Lovely synchronicity...Of late, I, too, have been reminiscing about the "Godivas," a women's group I journeyed with for many years. Like you, I would say my greatest growth occurred within that circle of friends. Women rock!

Thank you. May you find abundant blessings in your heart and home today!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

I am abundantly grateful for this space to be with you and others of like spirit, Jan. Sometimes, I feel so beat up by the world for being who I am. The cynics on facebook mock every "namaste" or post about gentle, loving subjects. I edit myself constantly so as to not draw their snarky comments. To come here is to feel that I am not alone, that there are others who are filled with kind words and loving hearts. Thank you thank you and thank you again!