Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bloomin' On!

By now you know that I am passionate about women's journeys and supporting them as best I can. I do that in many ways—writing, speaking, mentoring.

Doing so, also supports my own growth as a woman. I believe when women connect, magic happens. We all benefit. We blossom and grow in bold new ways simply by the sharing of our stories, crossing of life paths. Don't you agree?

It seems I am continuously in discernment about how to do this most effectively, making the best use of my time and energy. For many years, I traveled all over the place. I grew weary of that a while back and opted to stay home more, write more, and allow the world of words (and the internet) to make my intentions a reality.

Today, I am happy to announce that I have been asked by Allison Allen at Women Bloom to take on the role of "Spirit and Self Editor." I'm thrilled, because she has created a vibrant gathering of women "dedicated to making the most out of mid-life." Sound like me? You bet!

So I will also be blogging there twice a month. I've got a new post up and guess what it's on? Spiritual Self Care — including creating sacred space, with a dash of solitude . Honestly, I did not plan this one out. It just happened. Holy Synchronicity!

So, Cheryl and All, if you want to get another daily dose of well-being, enough to get clear or to calm some jangled nerves, click here. (I will field comments there, as well.)

But will you help?

I'd really, really, really like to know what is on your hearts these days so my blog posts, wherever I am, serve you well.

What issues do you struggle with? What big life questions do you have? What can I write/launch discussion about here and at Women Bloom that will support you where you are right now? 

I'd love to hear ...

And guess what again?

I'm feeling really grateful for this new opportunity and for your support. Let's do a Book Giveaway! Make a comment here OR at Women Bloom and you'll be entered into a drawing for a copy of my book, Awakening the Spirit Within, 100 Meditations for Sacred Living.

And heartfelt thanks to Cheryl Wright for being such a fabulous blog host these past few days. Isn't she amazing? Stay in touch with her at her site, Cheryl Wright Perspectives. Hugs!!!


BIG P.S. This weekend I am in Grand Rapids, MI, keynoting and presenting a workshop at a fabulous women's conference. Please join me there. It's so affordable!!! Here are the juicy details.

Saturday, November 14, 2009
"Stages: Women Growing in Mind, Body, and Spirit"
The 2nd Fountain Street Church Women’s Conference

Keynote, "Being Peace," by Janice Lynne Lundy, popular speaker and author of Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You are Meant to Be. 30 workshops throughout the day allow participants to explore diverse areas of interests, including: spirituality, creative arts, yoga, feng shui, digital photography, sexuality, health, and more.

Jan will also be presenting an afternoon workshop, "Sniffing Out Joy."
Her books will be available for purchase throughout the day.

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Cost: $15 per person; $10 for students (age 13-college). Registration includes featured speaker, all workshops, lunch, and parking. Scholarships are available.

Location: Fountain Street Church, 24 Fountain St. N.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Register: Visit Click on "2nd Annual Women's Conference," download Registration Forum, and send in with payment. Questions? Call (616) 459-8386.


Lisa (Mommy Mystic) said...

Congratulations on the new opportunity. How do you do it all? That is my biggest question!
I think you cover many of the topics I love well, so simply keep going.
You know I love energy/chakra stuff, and metaphysical stuff, and rituals/practices from all different religions. But everything you write about is wonderful...

Jan said...

Well, how do I do it all. Good question. I made the decision to let go of travel, so I am home more, doing more mentoring over the phone and via mail. Love it! My youngest daughter is in college. (Empty nest does make a BIG difference.) My partner is wonderfully supportive. I write about what I love so (most days) it feels effortless. I also do what F. Scott Peck advises: 1 hour a day that I do absolutely nothing!!! It works.

I also go slowly, breathe and smile. I cannot "push" or it taxes that little heart issue that I have. I am learning to let go of pressure and just do what comes. Even with that, I seem to get more done. And wonderful friendships with women fan light my fire. That's it in a nutshell. :-)

Thanks for the topic suggestions. I will keep these in mind. :-)

see you there! said...

Your writing deserves a wide audience so I'm happy to see you will have another place to reach people.

As for topics, I will just say I'm past "mid-life" (unless I live to 140 or so) and find very few people my age posting about it, very few sites referencing those in their so called golden years. Of course some of the spiritual advice you give is ageless.


mermaid said...

Congrats, Jan. I'm not surprised:)
I love to journey inward, and keep asking questions. Much of what you write about is along these lines. But, it seems most women perhaps just need permission to take the time. Maybe you can talk about ways of just stopping the rat wheel to just take the time?

Jan said...

Thank you for this wise reminder. To speak to women of all ages—from neophytes to any path, to saged women. I do hope that I attend to some of the "truths" that are appropriate for all of us, no matter where we are. Blessings!

Yes, granting permissions for various things is very important. This is where my "work" started years ago. I will be sure to revisit that as it forms a good, basic foundation for growth...Thank you!

One Woman's Journey said...

Jan, you do an excellent job of speaking to women of all ages. Our journey is not one of age but that we choose to take the journey and learn and grow.
At my stage of life - I thought I had arrived - at peace, contented -more then ever in my lifetime and finally back on my family property - after making a move to city to be near children - I have returned. Built a smaller home in the woods the first of the year and moved in June.
Yes, arrived - then this week I discovered I was not where I thought I was. An old issue reared its head. But I guess I have grown - because instead of being hurt and turning the pain inward - I reacted in two ways - first anger and then compassion for this individual. I am not a person who expresses anger. I usually keep it inside. The emotions just passed through and I am fine.
The journey continues through our lifetime. Enough said.

Jan said...

Thank you. Your comments means to much.

I commend you for journeying so transparently these days! It is vitally important for us to embrace all aspects of ourselves, even the hurt and angry parts. As you attest, we can acknowledge it and let it pass through us. I love that image--of all that would threaten to hold us imprisoned, just flow through us. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. Blessings to you.

twila said...

Oh man, that conference sounds amazing. And so affordable! I really like that, it makes it available to almost everyone. Even I could afford it, if only I lived in the midwest. Sigh.

I've noticed that when folks are fully engaged in their lives, they seem able to do so much more in much less time. Things just fall into place.

I love your essays on spiritual practice... very helpful for those of us who are intent on creating a personal and authentic-to-us practice. Bringing the peace from the meditation cushion to the workplace or relationship issues...that can be challenging and I can always use helpful thoughts in those areas. Also, thoughts on developing our own set of ethics..a moral compass or code to live by when one is designing ones own spiritual practice...this would be helpful.

I'm so very thankful to have found your sites and also for the comments and links to the women participating in this blog. Thank you for the wisdom and love you pour out so freely. To me, it is often like a gentle rain over a parched garden.

Jan said...

Thanks for these great suggestions for future columns. The idea of attending to spiritual practices is really important, esp. with life being as stressful and fast-paced as it is. If I didn't have mine (and they are pretty simple, take very little time), I would be miserable. :-)

I am happy to hear that the blogs quench your thirst. It's great to have your voice with us.

Sharmilla said...

Jan, I was going to post this on your other site Bloom but it didn't work I wanted to share the 'holy synchronicity though'.. way too cool! hugs, Jen

hi Jan, there was a line you shared in this article that was just for me and it confirmed something for me ..
"Our home is our castle and when it does not feel manor-like, we pay the price."
I am the type who dreams of the manor-like and yet is quite happy and content with the cozy cottage. The other day I felt my spirit was clearly telling me that what is being carved out in me is a palace reality. I was like what?! are you kidding? But I don't need that. no more than a few days later I realized yeah I do. For we are not to be comfortable and cozy as much as to make enough .. 'lotsa mega lots' of room to share our abundance that we learn on our journey with many hearts who are searching ... it is essential that we can offer this to one another ~this kind of mentorship. So, I'm still letting this sink in and understand now why I must go through so much refinement on this journey and clearing out, reorganizing, moving in a bit, restructuring.. i'm at the restructuring now and getting ready to embrace the new! How bizarre that you should mention this line to me tonight.. thank you for your beautiful imprint in my life :) I appreciate you! luv Jen

Jan said...

I'm always happy to hear of a Holy Synchronicity. Love when that happens. It sounds like you are in a wonderful place of discernment about how you are choosing to live. Change in this way is so good and enlivening. Keep on keepin' on!

Caroline said...

What issues do you struggle with? What big life questions do you have?

Ahhhhh...I just began reading the truest self...oh Jan...what can I say, this is going to be a wonderful journey for me.

I am struggling big time right now. BIG time! I feel like my life has lost meaning. I wrote about the sadness I am feeling on my blog today. I just feel empty. I feel like I have lost my spiritual connection to everything. My days seem to blend into one I am a hamster on a spinning wheel. Being a mother is exhausting me to the core. Then I have the whole issue of "who am I?" "What is my purpose?" I just can't seem to find it. I feel like I am completely lost. Like my soul is suffocating and I am floating in a sea of darkness.

In your book you talk about wanting to become a holy woman. Oh how I wish to feel the same. How I wish to find meaning and purpose in my life. How I wish to let go of the anger I feel toward myself. about that for a comment!? Talk about putting it out there!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

It's so wonderful that you'll have another avenue from which to shine a light of beauty, peace, love and awareness. Congratulations, Jan!

One of the issues I struggle with daily is staying on my own mat. My mom used to say "Everything bothers you." And it was so true for so long! People being too loud, stores with holiday decor out in August, people who didn't do this, that or the other in the way that I would do them. Arrgggh ... I don't like that about me. So judgmental. Every time I sense that feeling coming, I have to talk myself out of it, remind myself to stay on my own mat, to focus on my journey not on others'. I'm less judgmental, but I hope to conquer it entirely and function always from a place of love. That's the issue I struggle with most.

Jan said...

Dear Caroline,
As you may know, I wrote you a long note at your blog where you also spoke of this malaise you feel. So, everyone, please go to Caroline's site if you want to read my rather wordy answer about how to navigate times like these...Gently....

I'll say one thing more. In our culture we so resist feeling lousy, even spiritually lousy. We are constantly seeking the high--esp. the spiritual high. The next great insight, peak experience, ah-ha moment. In time, we will come to a screeching halt and there will be no more highs. It's all about really waking up. Living authentically--yes, as your truest self--and living with the all of you. The light, the dark, the beige, and trusting that wherever you are, you will find your way as long as you stay true to yourself.

As you will read in my book, Chapter 8 with Naomi Judd, "I Acknowledge that Difficult Times Bring Deeper Wisdom," I address this. Because it's true. The tough times, the loss of health, love, money, home, or joie de vivre, all can be spiritual wake-up calls. Even anxiety and depression have been "diagnosed" as spiritual issues because of the way we are choosing to live in this culture.

So take care dear girl. Know there are plenty of people to support you. Trust that you are on your path and even if it feels crappy right now, it's still the right path, your path. There are no detours...