Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Counting Down, Flying Free, and Vlogging

Believe it or not, I find myself a bit tenuous about all the new technology that's coming our way.

When I hear news of yet one more techno wonder, my techie-challenged self—the gal who likes to write the old-fashioned way on real paper, hold real books in her hands, and Bay gaze—screams "Eeek! Please don't make me do that!"

And as much as I may resist the technology (I swear I was the last person on the planet to use email!), I know it is wise for a writer/teacher to engage this way.

And to spread her wings and fly. 

It seems that "blogging" as we know it is on the way out. (Who determines these trends anyway?)

And VLOGGING is "in."

So this weekend I took the leap, spread my wings, and soared off the cliff into Vlogging.

Here is the result.

My new Video Blog for Awakened Living.com. (see below)

I'll be doing 1 - 2 videos a week, based upon your questions. 

Yes, send me your questions about how to live an awakened life—how to live more peacefully, aware and awake; more compassionate and mindful; more healthy and whole—whatever is bogging you down and keeping you from live as the calm, clear, wise woman you are.

I'll answer them on the VLOG. Fun!

Subject of today's video?

"What is meant by one's "truest self"?

Enjoy! And I'm eager to receive your questions!

Awakened Living with Jan Lundy: Living as Your Truest Self from Jan Lundy on Vimeo.

I'm counting down to the start of my next 12-month Sacred Journey course: Embodying Your Truest Self. It starts Monday, March 5, so I thought the subject was fitting. There's still plenty of time to sign-up.

This is the ONLY Sacred Journey course I will be offering this year, so if you're on the fence about joining in—Take the Leap and Fly—now!

Learn more here. 


Lisa (MM) said...

Wow, good for you Jan, I love being able to hear, see, and feel you this way. I have been reluctant to try vlogging, mostly because I don't want to have to actually get dressed and possibly do my hair in order to blog:-) But I may have to branch out as I appreciate the intimacy of this. Thanks so much for sharing. XO - Lisa

Joy said...

I love your video! Your energy shines through your voice and your presence:)
Thank you for embracing new and different, and for sharing in such a wonderful way!

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Thanks, Lisa. Well, it IS a good excuse to get "gussied up" as my grandmother would say. Otherwise we might live in our house pants. (wink)

Thank YOU, Joy. Always good to stretch our muscles a bit, yes? Especially to go outside of self-imposed boundaries or fears.

Sheila Finkelstein said...

It was great watching you this way, hearing your lovely gentle voice, live, and, of course, listening to your message.

Seeing you all decked out had me wonder how you looked when you were cutting and photographing the banana and using the view finder during our call a few weeks ago.

I still smiling here thinking about you, elegantly dressed, doing that :) Much love, Sheila

Morgine said...

So nice to meet you this way!!

I still LOVE to write and have to get in front of the camera one of these days myself. I can see how nice it is to see someone in person and hear their voice. So thanks for inspiring me to get brave and do my own too! Maybe I will read some of my own work :-)!!

Love, Morgine

katy taylor said...

really nice to see you while i hear you, jan! this is a nice, personal way to be together. blessings, katy

mermaid said...

Wonderful video, Jan. True self...who I've always wanted to be...who I already am.

Claire said...

how lovely to see and hear you, having 'heard' you in my head as i read your truest self...
can't wait to start the course on monday :)

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Too funny. All decked out. Yes, on "casual" days it is pretty much yoga type clothes, no make-up, hair tousled. I am glad you liked this video approach. Appreciate your support, as always.

I am a writer at heart and will still write, but supplement with video. The best of both worlds. :-)

Hi, yes, I think this method (video) can feel quite intimate. I know I love seeing my colleagues and teachers on video. It often feels like they are speaking right to me.

Yes, you are! As are we all.

Thanks! How nice to know that you heard my "voice" while reading and now we are "face to face." I am very much looking forward to the class too.

jean sampson said...

Hi, Jan. I came over from Joy's blog. The video was great and I am glad you got out of your comfort zone to do it. I love getting the "feel" of someone I am getting to know by hearing their voice and seeing their energy and demeanor. You are gentle and lovely! I look forward to more videos! My friend, Joy Tanksley, dances on her videos and invites others to join her. So there is even MORE ideas for growing when you get really comfortable with the medium :D