Sunday, January 15, 2012

Making A Lasting Change - Part II

Making a Lasting Change in 2012 ~ Part II

If you want to make a lasting change any time in your life (did you notice the word “lasting”?) there are 4 powerful mindsets that must be in place for us to do so.

In my post of January 11, I presented the first one: “Readiness.” You can read that entry here.

Today the second mindset ...

2. Passion

Once we are committed to making a change, a burning desire is required to fuel our efforts. A namby-pamby, apathetic, carefree approach to anything does not result in great change. We must want something so strongly we can feel it, taste it, touch it. Only then is it truly within our grasp.

Ask any woman who has lost a great deal of weight. She will tell you that her success finally came when the picture of her thinner, healthier self was so strong in her mind that no other image was acceptable. Oprah Winfrey is a great example of this. With single mindedness of purpose, she chose to recreate her physical self despite overwhelming odds and a self-proclaimed food addiction. (Read her candid account of this in her book, Make the Connection.)

Any one of us can do the same if we fall in love with a new ideal of ourselves and zealously pursue it.

My question for you is then, how passionate are you about making this change? Do you really, really, really want it? Can you feel it results deep in your bones?

I’ve had that feeling and harnessed that passion of purpose before. One of the most recent times was my (many-yeared) journey to find inner peace. I had become so unhealthy, so stressed and overwhelmed that to feel truly peaceful within me became a burning passion.

It took many years of searching, making lifestyle changes, and incorporating spiritual practices into my daily life that would bring about the results I’d previously only dreamed of. I, literally, ached to feel calm and to live a more serene life.

I finally made it. I reclaimed my life, my self, my health and, today, I live in an entirely new way. Peace is mine. The journey to get there is the journey of Your Truest Self.

Passion was the mindset that got me there. I was so passionate about my spiritual life journey and sharing what I’d discovered with other women that I could not let my vision go—despite plenty of naysayers.

I don’t know if I will ever write a book again that took so much effort, blood sweat and tears—and passion! It was an extraordinary journey but, very honestly, I think it might be the “work of my lifetime.”

Friend, do you have the passion it will take to bring about the change (or outcome) you desire? I surely do hope so!

If not, do whatever you need to do to get psyched about you. You and your life are oh, so worth it!


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mermaid said...

Jan, this is so in line with Motivational Interviewing techniques used by health care professionals to help promote healthy behavioral change. I see so much truth in your posts about readiness and passion (I call it desire), especially in my own life.

We really need to hit rock bottom and feel the pain of what is not working well before we are ready to make a change. We then need the strong drive/passion/desire to be genuinely interested in finding a better, healthier way of living.

I am so glad you gave the gift of Your Truest Self to this world!