Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calling All Holy Women!

"Janice Lynne Lundy is a wonderful writer with deep understanding, and it felt quite amazing to be reflected in her eyes. Her careful listening and clear seeing is a grace."

~Joan Borysenko, PhD. 

Author of A Woman's Journey to God and The Soul's Compass

I can't tell you how delighted I was when I received these words from one of the holiest women I know, mind/body scientist, Joan Borysenko. She made this statement after she read my book, Your Truest Self. 

Joan is one of the 12 Holy Women featured in the book and she helped me reclaim my own sense of holiness. I want the same thing for you.

You are a holy and whole woman and, even if you don't feel like that now, you will by the time we complete a unique and intimate spiritual journey together.

For this is exactly what we will do in my newest Sacred Journey (online) Course: 

"Embodying Your Truest Self"

We will begin to embody our wholeness by living through 12 Transformational Truths in sacred community for an entire year.
You can learn more about this incredibly affordable journey here.
Class begins March 5 but I'd like to encourage you to SIGN-Up for YOUR Sacred Journey TODAY.

Here's why. 

As soon as you REGISTER, your journey into living through your beautiful essence can begin.

Get started now by taking advantage of these exciting 
BONUS offers!

1. The first 10 women who respond to this offer and REGISTER will receive a 45-Minute Sacred Journey Guidance Session with me over the telephone or via Skype. ($60 value)

2. REGISTER by Jan. 31 and choose a special Bonus Gift. One of my 2 downloadable Books or one of 2 downloadable Seminars. ($9.95 - 15.00 value)

3. REGISTER, and you'll receive a weekly "Guidance for the Journey" email from me, sent directly to your Inbox, to help you prepare for this powerful inner pilgrimage. 

Don't wait.
Your Sacred Journey can begin today by Registering now.

I am eager for us to get started.

Make 2012 YOUR year. Wholeness calls. The calm, confident, and courageous woman you are meant to be is eager to greet you!

Love and blessings to you,
Jan Lundy

Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader and Author
P.S. Offer expires January 31.


Claire said...

i'm so excited to have signed up! it's going to be wonderful :)
you just speak my language... x

Jan Lundy said...

Claire, yes, it will be wonderful, and thanks for posting here. Very glad to have you with us on this Sacred Journey. xo