Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Case for Peaceful Pauses

Until I decide I won't, I am penning, these blog posts in support of my ongoing sacred journey course,“Creating a Life of Contentment,"  which began Sept. 15. For one entire year, we'll be traveling together as intimate companions: to relax, let go and rest into Love; to discover the bliss of our own life.

The Case for Peaceful Pauses

Many of us move through our days like women on a mission to get our life handled. To get everything that needs to be done checked off the list—mission accomplished. It feels good to get everything done.

It can also feel exhausting. National statistics bear this out. When a cross-section of American women were polled, nearly 70% of them said they were exhausted.

The sad thing is, we know this. We know that we are tired. We know that when we push through to get everything in our daily lives handled, we end up beat up—body, mind, and spirit. We also know better, but what in the world can we do about it short of quitting our lives and walking away to live in another one that is much more ease-filled. Not an option, is it?

But this is.

For many years now I have found that taking "Peaceful Pauses" throughout my day works wonders to keep me feeling balanced and sane—instead of overworked and exhausted. Peaceful Pauses foster Contentment.

A Peaceful Pause is a conscious "time out." A "Permission Granted!" if you will, gentle orders issued by our wise self who knows its time to rest and restore ourself.

A Peaceful Pause can be a time of inner quiet. It can be found by sitting down or walking. Indoors or out. Anywhere we are we can stop and pause and go within to experience calm.

And sometimes when that's difficult to do—to find that peaceful oasis within, especially if we've been moving so quickly, hacking away at our To-Do List—it takes time for us to settle down. And sometimes we need a little help settling down, a guiding voice to help us get to that place of peace.

I enjoy writing and recording Peaceful Pauses. There were twelve of them in my book, Your Truest Self, one in support of each Transformational Truth. But they were written, so you had to read them through a few times and then talk yourself through the process. Not always the best solution for deep relaxation.

On occasion I have recorded them and here is one that I would like to share with you. It might help you if your mind is feeling especially busy and it needs a good clearing out. :-)

If anything, it will give you a well-deserved break so that you can remember who you really are: a human be-ing deserving of pacing, rest and care—not a human do-ing.

I hope you enjoy it and use it often to help you come back to your sacred center where peace and joy can be yours.


Feel free to download the recording to your desktop of mp3 player for regular use.

May peace of mind be yours today ... Contentment too.


"Thoughts are energy.
And you can make your world or break your world by your thinking."
~ Susan L. Taylor


Lisa (Mommy Mystic) said...

So wonderful to hear your voice again:-) And yes, I have had to learn this lesson over and over - the value of the peaceful pause. It can stop that downward momentum in its tracks when habits of stress start to kick in...

LauraX said...

beautiful Jan!

mermaid said...

Jan, these peaceful pauses have saved my life. In fact, I forgot to take one for a few hours today till this post:)!

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Hi Lisa, I like how you put this. That a pause can stop the downward momentum. Catch our "downfall" in the bud. I like to think of Peaceful Pauses as preventative medicine too - for the body, mind, heart and soul.

Laura, thank you!

Mermaid, PP do save one's life, I believe that too. (i.e. my comment above...)

Blessings of health and peace to all!