Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creating a Life of Contentment

Lovely Friends,

I am so pleased to announce my newest course—though it is much more than a course—as you will discover if you read further and learn more.

"Creating a Life of Contentment"

Is an Intimate 12-Month Spiritual Journey

September 15, 2011 ~ August 31, 2012

Together, we'll let go of perfectionism, self-doubt, drama, multi-tasking, the "shoulds," expectations, apologies—the need to be other than we are naturally.

We'll embrace ourselves with love, self-acceptance, radical tenderness.
We'll create beauty in our souls and homes.
Learn to live anew with passion and meaning.
We will restore our sense of "enoughness."
We will dwell in Love.
An intimate and life-altering journey within 
a "Sacred Community of Contentment."  

I've love to have you join me!

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