Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Would you like a bit of wisdom sent to your Inbox each day?

Lovely friends, I am so pleased to announce my newest offering:

"Beads of Wisdom."

This is something I have wanted to create for a very long time—daily whispers of mindfulness, compassion and loving-kindness.

Just a sweet dose of remembering "we are that," and a practical suggestion to help us embody it further.

Sign-up using the form below and you will receive your first Bead right away, and one each morning after that. (Unsubscribe anytime.)

And feel free to pass on your favorite Beads to friends. Sharing is good. It spreads ripples of love and kindness out into the world. With so many people struggling, a hand, a word, a loving gesture can make all the difference in someone's day.

May we be the love and kindness we wish to see in the world!

1 comment:

sema said...

Thank you ,Jan,for this beautiful offering.
It will be a great way to begin the day reading your beads of wisdom.
I love the name "Beads of Wisdom" and thank you for beading them.

Blessings for abundance