Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My new (and FREE) e-book is hot off the presses!

Beautiful beings,

I have just completed a labor of love. The delivery is complete and I have in my hands—ready to meet yours—my new 35 pg. e-book, "The Buddha Chick Guide to Life."

I am oh, so proud of this "baby" because I have been longing to create something that every woman could enjoy—and to help her understand how she can begin to embrace her Buddha Chick self.

This information-packed downloadable book focuses on 10 Mindsets that are essential if you are really ready to live as your calm, clear, wise self.

I've also recorded the e-book in high quality audio so you can listen to it—Portable Peace!

Please download yours today so you can put that Buddha Chick smile on your face and grow your glow! The world needs your radiance now more than ever.

Remember, its FREE.  May you enjoy with my blessing.

1 comment:

mermaid said...

Oh, congratulations dear One. It must feel good to share your whole journey with other women, to tell them what you've learned through your own experiences.