Monday, May 9, 2011

"Just This" - Living Life, One Thing at A Time

I truly believe the practice of mindfulness saved my life. 

I found it when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the self-induced victim of multitasking. With 3 young children, a household and career to manage, it felt like I was always on task—pushing, pushing—to get everything accomplished on my lengthy To-Do List.

Does this sound familiar?

I bet it does, because most women today feel the constant push to be more, to get more done. Beautiful (but internally weary) Energizer Bunnies we are ...

Mindfulness puts a stop to all that—and slows down that "she just keeps going and going" feeling.

Mindfulness encourages us to simply be present, to "Be Here Now" as Ram Dass might say. To do one thing at a time with full and present attention.

When I was able to do this, I felt immediate relief. And that relief felt like pure bliss. It felt like being released from prison. 

"Ah, really? I only have to do one thing ... right now ... slowly?  I don't have to think about what's next?"

Oh, joy!

Being mindful felt wonderful to me. It felt healing. It felt like permission-granted to be the real me—the non-driven, more peaceful, less distracted and present-centered me.

So the next time you find yourself winding yourself up like the Energizer Bunny, To-Do List in hand, take a breath, then another. Relief is at hand.

Pick one thing from the list and do it with your full attention. Mind-fully breathe while you are doing it.

And if your mind wanders—as it will, because it is so habituated to multi-tasking—say to yourself:

"Just this."

Focus on just one thing, person, activity, as if it were on the other side of a magnifying glass and you're looking at with focused vision. Simple!

And when your mind urges you again to pick up the pace and do something else to be more "productive" (i.e. talk on the phone and check your email), take a deep breath and say to yourself:

"Just this."

With a little practice you'll find that "Just this" mind can bring tremendous relief.


Permission to be you. The real you. And I bet she is someone you'd really like to know.

As always, I welcome your thoughts ...


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One Woman's Journey said...

Jan, whenever you describe some of your past - it sounds identical to me. I think "is she writing about me" :)
We have come a long way. Your sharing means much to so many...

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

One Woman, lovely to read you here. Yes, we have come a long way- one mindful learning moment at a time, yet?

Joy of spring to you!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Jan, take care and I send you special prayers of peace and blessings :)

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

"just this" - what a loving, self-caring encouragement, Jan! I continue to remind myself to be here now, to be fully present. Your encouragements always serve to keep me on track. I bow.

mermaid said...

I appreciate your personal journey and how it has led you to this moment, just this post, and to the next moment doing whatever you are doing right now:)