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The Holiness of Home

Join me for the only Day Retreat I'll be leading this Fall .... 
 and read on about how to create sanctuary in your home!

Saturday, November 13
The Holiness of Home: A Day Retreat for Women

As women’s roles and lives continue to expand outside of the home, we may lose touch with the sacredness of everyday life there. “Home” may feel burdensome or boring. Yet, the Sacred is alive and well in the mundane, even in the simplest of tasks—like housekeeping. Join us for a restorative “day away” to explore what “home” means to you. Together, we’ll cultivate new ways of seeing, as well as practices for connecting with the Holy in the ordinary, all within the four walls of home.

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $45. Lunch provided.

Registration: Call Dominican Center, Grand Rapids, MI (616) 454-1241; or online at


Creating Sanctuary

The intention to create sanctuary is a powerful act. To know after a busy day filled with business and personal chores, errands with children, or appointments, we can come home to a soothing environment of our own creation is nothing short of wonderful. We all have the power of choice and the freedom to determine the timbre of our surroundings. Whatever our personal situation might be, it is up to us to become aware of what soothes our jangled nerves, then incorporate more of that into our surroundings--to create a physical Pocket of Peace within our homes.

Take a moment to think about what soothes your psyche and nourishes your spirit.

Imagine that your home is an oasis, a warm, welcoming refuge. What colors greet your eyes? What do you smell? What is the noise level and what sounds are present? What objects are on tables, what pictures on the walls?

Notice how you feel as you stand in this sacred space.

Once visualized, you can now proceed to create it.

An Oasis for the Senses

Designate a space in your home to be your personal sanctuary. This can be a bedroom, den, spare room, or screened in porch--any place you can carve out a Pocket of Peace. If space is limited, designate a corner, desktop, or nightstand as sacred space.

Begin by eliminating clutter and removing items with negative associations. Object by object, place into your space only the things that bring you a sense of pleasure, of peace, of true happiness.

Joseph Campbell once said,

“You must have a room or a certain hour of the day or so where you do not know 
what was in the morning paper ... a place where you can simply experience 
and bring forth what you are, 
and what you might be.” 

When you are in need of remembering who you are—a woman of clarity and calm—spend time in or near your personal sanctuary. Light a scented candle, arrange fresh flowers in a vase, play soothing music. Take a moment to still your racing thoughts, to breathe again.

Once settled, say to yourself:

“Sitting here in my sacred space, I surrender to feelings of well-being.
I breathe in beauty and breathe out peace.”

Give yourself the gift of sanctuary. Allow yourself to be at peace with yourself, at peace in your world in a sacred space of your own creation.

©2009 Janice Lynne Lundy 


Buddha Chick™, my new 10-week online course to get calm, clear, and wise is officially launched. We have a full house and are journeying deeper into inner peace every day. This session runs through Dec. 5.

Read more about the course here.

And if you are interested in receiving updates on the next session to begin in early 2011, please contact me. The Course is limited to 50 Chicks and I suspect that it will fill up and close early.

Here's a current comment from one class participant, after only a few weeks! Read more at the new site.

"As I let go of the gripping and holding on tightly to old habits and patterns, I'm beginning to feel the calm. The peace and ease I am recognizing as my life. Wow! I feel so invigorated!! My heart is smiling tonight!" 


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Jan Lundy

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