Friday, August 27, 2010

Buddha Chick™ ~ The Online Course is Here!

Buddha Chick™

Calm, Clear and Wise ~ No Matter What!

Dear Friends, 

It feels as if I have been waiting my entire life for this moment ...

... for the announcement and launch of my online class, "Buddha Chick™."

I have been listening to you, especially those of you from different parts of the globe, asking about when I would offer programs online for everyone to participate in. That time has finally come. Oh, happy day!

Buddha Chickfeels like the culmination of my life's work. It is a reflection of every woman's journey into inner calm, clarity, and wisdom, and I am so pleased to share it with you here.

For now, as I prepare the "official Buddha Chick™ site," getting it ready as our virtual classroom, I want to offer you just a brief overview of what this program is all about, its basic features, and how it will transform your life. It has transformed mine!

You see, for most of my adult life I admit
I have not been calm, clear, and wise. 

I have been stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious ...

 ... at the mercy of an overly busy mind, regularly side-swiped by wild emotions. Drama!

I am a woman who thinks and feels alot, and this, over time, has affected my health and well-being, my relationships, and my creativity. Talk about toxic! 

Does this sound familiar? I bet you've experienced this too.

Today, thankfully, I am a different woman. Most of the time I truly am physically calm, mentally clear, and able to tap into my inner wisdom, all the while living with a wide open heart. 

Sure, sometimes I fall down when life gets bumpy. I skin my knees a bit, but now, with all I've learned, and all that I have put into practice after twenty years of spiritual journeying, I don't stay down as long, or get quite so beat up. I surf instead of sink and life is easier, more enjoyable.

I've nicknamed this woman who lives within me, "Buddha Chick™"~ an interspiritual gal with a calm demeanor and a smile in her heart, able to navigate the challenges of life with grace and ease. 

And Buddha Chick™ lives inside of you too. She's just waiting to emerge and I know you know this or you wouldn't be visiting my website or reading these words. And I'm pretty sure you want to meet her, live as her, and spread her joy out into the world. Yes?

So here's the plan. If you are ready—really ready—to live with serenity, joy, and openheartedness as your most Chickie self, then this course is for you.

Though I need to tell you from the get-go, 
that this online course is very different. 

Because, as Sandra Bullock's character in the film, "The Blind Side," said, "I've got your back," and I do. I am going to personally mentor you through this process. I will be there for you, lending a hand when times get tough, or when you slide into the muck of life and get swallowed up again, forgetting what you know, losing your peace. So, besides

~10 weeks of life-changing lessons with practical exercises
~4 live tele-conferences
~weekly audio messages with guided meditations
~podcasts with 5 of the most notable, enlightened Chicks you need to know
~a lovingly supportive international community of Chicks (member's only blog)

you and I will have private e-mail correspondence throughout the course. 

Why personal mentoring?

Because this is what I do best and what I love to do the most: to walk side by side with women as they get to where their soul wants to take them. 
AND because no one should do this journey alone. I didn't. I had wonderful women mentors to guide me all along the way. Thank goodness!

And also because embodying our Buddha Chick™ self is not always a walk in the park, no m'am. It can be hard work—yes, it can be fun, exhilarating even—but challenging, too.

Becoming a Buddha Chick™ is pretty serious stuff and we will work hard—together!

We will also have plenty of fun. (I have some wonderful surprises planned, gifts too. Gifts are good!)

But I must say this: 
I am looking for eager women who are ready, willing, and able to work this course. I'm just being honest here ...

(So if you are not ready, that's fine. Soul growth is all about timing and readiness, and if it's not your time, no worries. You know that I love and bless you, no matter what.)

Buddha Chick™ is a mindset ... a practice ... a lifestyle. 
Buddha Chick™ is who we really are. 

Do you think you might be ready to fully experience her? 
Ready to be calm, clear, and wise ~ once and for all?

I hope so!

"Buddha Chick™," the course will begin Monday, Sept. 27 and run through Sunday, December 4 (10 weeks).

I'll announce this within one week. I guarantee it will be an exceptional value considering all that you will receive: practice sessions, tools, and personal mentoring, to name a few. There will also be an "Early Chick" enrollment price special.

So save the dates. Save your money. (Stay away from TJMaxx and HSN for a couple of weeks!) And stay tuned!

Next week I will also release the Course Outline/Lessons and announce our special guests.

Thank you ahead of time for sharing this journey with me. I can hardly wait for us to begin!

With love and blessings,

(If you are not currently on my mailing list and want to be notified about all Buddha Chick™ developments click here.  I will keep you posted via e-mail. And I do not share your information with anyone.) 

Buddha Chick™ logo created by Mari Gayatri Stein 

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