Monday, July 12, 2010

Celebrating July ~ Walt Whitman, Cherries, My Birthday and YOU!

"I celebrate myself and I sing myself."
~Walt Whitman

It's July! And I'm celebrating.

I absolutely love July. It is my favorite month of the year. Not just because it houses my birthday, but because of how it feels to me, all the way around ~ extremely celebratory. My creativity is at an all time high. And in the next few months, I launching two exciting projects. (I'll announce them soon.) It feels to me like a time of tremendous growth, abundance, and joy. 

So, as the poet Walt Whitman recommended, I am celebrating myself and singing myself, and you can celebrate YOURSELF, too! Come to the party, please? Let's celebrate ALL of us!

To do so, I'm happy to announce "The Awake is Good July Celebration:" A month of fun at my blog!

It will be 30-days of jamboree ~ of good things, feelings, learnings, and opportunities.

But most importantly, we'll be talking about how we can celebrate our lives ... how, even in the midst of difficulty, we can keep a celebratory mindset ... how to harvest joy and gratitude, no matter what!

Click here to begin celebrating!

Here is the celebration schedule:

Thru Tuesday, July 15
A Giveway of "Mother Night," a celebration of women's creativity by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. An 8-CD set valued at $79.95!

Week of July 14
A discussion on cultivating hope (in light of the Gulf of Mexico disaster) and a Giveaway of Sue Patton Thoele's new book, Excellent as You Are.

July 23, my birthday
Celebrating spiritual awakening and a Giveaway of a beautiful "Brush Dance" journal.

Week of July 26
A discussion on "Giving Yourself What You Need" and a Giveaway of Carolyn Hobbs' book, Joy No Matter What.

Monday, July 26 ~ 8:00 pm, EST
FREE teleconference! I'll be speaking with you about "Celebrating Ourselves, Even in Difficult Times." Is that really possible? you might ask. Yes, it is, and I'm excited to show you how!

To register for the 45-minute call:

E-mail me at
I will send you instructions and the access code to call in. 

I also welcome questions ahead of time. Send them to me ~ to be answered on the call.

When so much bad news abounds, when life as we know it may feel threatened, it's wise to root ourselves in what is good, right, and true. To incorporate practices that keep us on our path, keeping us calm, calm, clear and wise so we can make good choices ...  

Yes, let's celebrate us and the remarkable people we are ... the remarkable people we can be for ourselves and for one another. 

For the upliftment of all beings everywhere, let's celebrate and sing our divine humanity!

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