Monday, May 3, 2010

From Where I Sit ~ A Bit of News and a Blessing from a Tree

I'm still on my writing sabbatical, midwifing new ideas, and am having such a wonderful time I decided to extend it for a few more weeks.

I have so appreciated your well wishes and all the kind correspondence I've received in support of this decision to go off-line for a while. It has been truly nourishing! Thank you. I'm not sure how often I will be posting in May, so check back as you can.

I'm going to keep this short (the sun is shining and there is a beach to be walked!) but I did want to share 3 special things with you: 2 pieces of timely news and 1 very soulful blessing a dear friend sent me.

News Blip #1: I am getting ready to send out my Spring "Awake is Good Newsletter" (or Fall, if you are in upside-down land as my Aussie friend, Kel, says.) This season's theme is "Retreat"and why it is so vital to our well-being as women. Also a timely message on what to do to re-center yourself when you CAN'T go on retreat, or even create one-day away for yourself. And there's more ...

So, if you are not on my mailing list yet and wish to receive the newsletter, click here, sign up, and I will send it to you by week's end. I'm sure you'll find it helpful for your journey. :-)

News Blip #2: Drumroll please! I've posted the announcement for the only weekend retreat I'll be offering in 2010. It's titled, "Return to Your Center," and it is a labyrinth-based retreat, to be held in Grand Rapids, MI, June 27-29. (I'm thrilled a number of you are flying in to do this. :-)

Here are some of the amazing features:

~ Cheap, cheap, cheap! Only $185 for the entire weekend, including lodging and meals.
~ Accompanying harp music by Anne Wakenhut.
~ Sessions of Walking Meditation and Metta Meditation
~ Time in nature on lovely acreage
~ Plenty of opportunity to rest and reconnect with your soul

Click here to read all the details, including how to register. Sign up has already begun. I'd love to spend this wonderful weekend with you!

And I'll be keynoting at a "Women's Replenishment Retreat" on June 18-20 in Big Rapids, MI, at Inn at the Rustic Gate. The retreat facilitator is Megan. Read all the lovely details.

On that Saturday, I'll be offering a 2-hr. program, "Blessing Ourselves, Blessing One Another." Special features of this retreat include a women's drum circle, yoga, and meditation led by Megan, who is also a music therapist, so that will be an element of the retreat. You can learn more about her here.

You may want to read a feature article that appeared this weekend in the Macomb Daily on me, my work, and the retreat. It's titled, "Be Kind to Yourself and the Rest Will Follow."

Finally, the Blessing ... 

My dear friend "Mermaid" sent me the most beautiful card the other day. On the cover was what appeared to be a Bodhi tree, not unlike the one I am sitting under while writing in the tropics. It purveyed a blessing so beautiful I just had to pass it on to you. May you receive it and take it into your heart.

"Like a tree ...
Find your own space to grow.
Bend with the winds of change.
Bless the uniqueness of who you are.
Connect with the roots of your own wisdom ...

... Do what you love to do.
Be the best you can be.
Share your beauty with the world."* 

From under the Bodhi tree, I send you blessings of love and joy. 

And may you continue to share your beauty with the world!

(*Blessing authored by Tree of Life Inspirations)

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Sharon said...

A truly beautiful blessing from someone who knows you well. Thank you for sharing.