Monday, December 7, 2009

What Do Woman Want Anyway?

Perhaps you've seen the film. It stars Mel Gibson in his glorioso years and Helen Hunt, who is always stunning: What Women Want. I liked the movie.

The title for the film is based on a challenge faced by Gibson's character, an advertising agency wonder boy (and quite the chauvinist). He is given the task of trying out various feminine products—hair items, lipstock, pantyhose, etc.—all for the purpose of writing killer copy so women will make their purchase. 

The title of the film intrigued me.  I hope that the issue of what women really want came through loud and clear. Obviously, we do like comfortable tampons, but something more profound than that?

What do you think?

What do women want?

Or, better yet, what do you,  as a woman, want?

I bet there are a lot of men out there who would like to know the answer to this million dollar question!

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Congratulations to Karen from Over the Backyard Fence!

Her name was drawn from last week's post featuring author Lynn Goodwin. She's the winner of Lynn's fab book, You Want Me to Do What? Journaling for Caregivers. 


Carolynn said...

The older I get (and, at 48, I'm still young, btw!!) the less I want 'stuff'. What I want is to feel loved and accepted. One of the things I enjoy the most is engaging in interesting conversation over a meal. Add some candlelight, soft music, and a little wine and I'm very happy indeed.

Diamond jewellery is also very nice. *smile*

Wilma Ham said...

I am with Carolynn when she says stuff becomes less important and the inner ME becomes the focus.
I desire to live a life according to an explanation I resonate with.
Currently that is that I am love and life is about being love in action.
What I desire is to steadfast live my daily life according to that, go for what I feel is the best use of my time and talent AND to let go of all the silly preconditioning that has made me into somebody I was not.
I desire to become a proud woman, who co-creates a joyful beautiful life and who will not hold back.

Jan said...

I like your choices. They exude connection of heart and soul. May you have many occasions of that very soon!

What is it about us women and jewelry? Gotta love it. My husband just said something about that today even though I am basically not a material girl. Hmmmm....I wonder if there will be something under the tree.

Your intentions and vision for yourself are powerful! I especially resonate with is to steadfastly live your life according to your "truths." Wonderful. The way you describe yourself as proud and joyful reminds me of the Maya Angelou post I did a while back. :-) Phenomenal woman, yes indeed.

Laura Hegfield said...

At 44 I want to be more present to the people in my life, to God, to nature, to my self...when I was younger it was about being seen and it is a combination of being heard, but from a place of profound listening FIRST.

Rachel said...

Honestly, right now comfortable tampons and a worldwide ban on menstrual cramps would suit me :D

Jan said...

Such a beautiful desire....To be presence and offer presence. Listening is so important, more than I ever thought. To receive the "story" of another is simply sacred! May this wish be yours.

Oh, too funny. I understand completely. PMS and Perimenopause as far as I am concerned, are something I wouldn't mind giving up for Advent. Oops, that's right. Giving up is for Lent...(LOL) Actually, for a lifetime would be better...

Jan said...

I just realized that when I posted this, I really didn't offer my take on this.

If I am totally and completely honest, right now what I want sounds so very selfish, but it is true. I would like to be loved. Just as I am, warts and all. Bulges and all. Opinions and all. Loved for being me.

And I would like to continue to move into a place of nonjudgment for others, too. To keep my heart open, no matter what...

Caroline said...

Hmmm what do women want? That's a tough question. Right now I want more passion in my life. The freedom to create and express my art without fear.

Anonymous said...

What do women want? Hmmm. I like all the answers above - love, acceptance, no more fear or menstrual cramps. But I guess I'd add some world change too. I think women, especially mothers, think more in these terms than men - about the kind of world being left to their kids. And then on a more personal note, maybe (if I'm really honest) I would say time. Micro and macro - I often find myself wishing for more time. Which I know is a trap, but I'm just being honest!

Jan said...

That is such a lovely want. Oh, to create with inner freedom, unrestrained passion, and plenty of time to do so. And supportive others can fan our flames. May this wish be yours!

Honesty is good! I think most people wish they had more time. Your life must be incredibly busy and I imagine you could use more "me time" too.

I agree that, as women, we have a special place in our heart for the soul of the world. We do want well-being for all. I loved what the Dalai Lama said about this recently...that women had a natural predisposition for compassion and could access it more easily than men. Yep, I agree!

twila said...

What do women want? Hmm. I think I would like to see a clearer representation of the feminine divine...a return to an earth-loving, body-conscious spirituality. I would like to see women elevated and respected for their unique qualities and for this to be reflected in spriritual circles.

A nice lip gloss that isn't too sticky would be nice, too.

Jan said...

I'm with you, Twila, that would make me so happy too. Connecting with that energy would move us very rapidly toward wholeness (individually and collectively). Hmmmm... perhaps some brainy woman needs to invent this new kind of gloss. :-)