Monday, November 16, 2009

If You Love Kids ...

Today I am hanging out at my other blog with one very wise man—Dr. Mark Brady. He's a truly conscious guy with a passion for guiding us—any of us who love kids!— into more compassionate action.

It doesn't whether you're a mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher, neighbor, or mentor, come on over and partake of some of Dr. Mark's sage advice. He's giving away books too, plenty of them!

And 'Congratulations' to Ernestine of "One Woman's Journey"! She's the winner of the Book Giveaway of Nov. 11. I'll be sending her a copy of my book, Awakening the Spirit Within.

The women's conference I spoke at this past weekend was amazing! Magic happens when women gather. I'll be posting some thoughts on it this week so stay tuned!

Click here to read Dr. Mark's post.

1 comment:

One Woman's Journey said...

Jan, thank you for putting a smile on my face - early this morning.
I am looking forward to receiving and reading your book. Blessings sent to you this day.